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What can Ultra Power Saving Mode in the Samsung Galaxy S5 do for you? Watch this


We have all been there. It has been a really busy day and we’ve been power-using our device for hours, then it happens, the dreaded notification that your battery is about to go kaput, leaving you in a lurch.  Some of us that are more obsessed and OCD might carry a spare battery, or separate battery pack and cable to keep the lights on. However, Samsung doesn’t want you to feel stranded on those days where you leave such items at home.

Instead, turn on the available ultra-power-saving-mode on the Samsung Galaxy S5 and you could perhaps get up to a whole extra day of with your phone. Obviously there are caveats with such a “promise,” but this feature might just save your bacon.

The Ultra Power Saving Mode goes to the extreme to ensure you can get done what needs to be done. First, it converts the display to a simple grey-scale theme. Then, it shuts down unnecessary features so you can keep working with the basics, like making a phone call or handling an email.

Samsung notes that you could get as much as 24 hours or more power with as little as 10% battery remaining. Of course, all sorts of factors play into that figure, not least of which is actual usage. Battery condition, temperature and other environmental issues come into play too. Either way, getting able to get more than just a couple hours usage with minimal battery is a great feature.

All that aside, the Samsung Galaxy S5 rocked our battery test, so if battery performance is important to you, by all means, Samsung’s new flagship is a must to consider.
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