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WebMobi takes making smartphone apps to a dummy level

Posted: , by Nick T.

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WebMobi takes making smartphone apps to a dummy level
Have you ever wanted to make your own smartphone app? Have you ever given up upon finding out how much coding skills doing so takes? Well, here is a solution that enables anyone to make a smartphone app of their own with a minimum amount programming skills. 

It is called WebMobi and works pretty much like this: users are presented with a nice graphical interface where elements can be dragged, dropped, and moved around. To make things even easier, app templates are available as well. The app can feature a blog or feed of some sort, YouTube video, Twitter posts, advertisements, polls, custom web pages, and more. And once the app is created, it can be made to run on any major platform, such as Android, iOS, Windows Phone, or BlackBerry OS.

It won't allow you to make a full-fledged mobile application, however. Instead, the apps are accessible in a web form and hosted by WebMobi itself. That is why WebMobi isn't the tool to make fancy app masterpieces with, but it is a suitable solution for those who wish to create a rather simple app without much effort. For a quick preview of how WebMobi works, check out the video below.

source: WebMobi via SlashGear


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