Watch as Apple squeezes the life out of a Motorola DROID X

Watch as Apple squeezes the life out of a Motorola DROID X
During Steve Jobs' last appearance before the media, he used video clips to show how other handsets besides the iPhone 4 suffered from the dreaded "death-grip". Just in case you didn't see the Apple CEO's performance and the clips, Apple has uploaded them to YouTube. Among the phones that the Cupertino based firm put in front of the camera are the Motorola DROID X, the Samsung Omnia II, Nokia N97 mini and the BlackBerry Bold 9700. If there ever was a situation where the saying "If you've seen it once, you've seen it all" was appropriate, this is it. Each video shows the offending handset being tightly gripped while the signal bars drop away, one by one. Once the grip is released, the bars return. The videos might not knock Shane Dawson or the Annoying Orange off the YouTube most viewed list, but we would imagine that cellphone fans throughout the world will give them a peek-even just those curious to see the signal strength slowly drop off a smartphone leaving the handset as powerless as Superman under the influence of Green Kryptonite.

Motorola DROID X Specifications | Review

source: YouTube

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