Watch always-funny Sacha Baron Cohen fake an Apple event for his new movie


There is something very stereotypical about Apple events: the unnaturally distinct and slower-than-usual way Jony Ive stresses every syllable, the overly enthusiastic atmosphere with everything described in superlatives, the few carefully selected numbers to make a point. What if you could take all this and apply this to one of the world's most shocking artists?

No stranger to transformations, Sacha Baron Cohen wears the Jony Ive accent and stirs things up with a hilarious Apple-esque presentation for his new film: The Brothers Grimsby.

Describing his new character, the Nobby, a central hero in the upcoming spy movie, he uses the following stats to describe it:

  • 12% more likability than the Borat
  • 15% more idiotic than Ali G
If all those totally scientific figures still have not convinced you that you should watch Cohen's new movie, you should know that it has "the smallest, lightest and most confusing plot that’s ever been released from a major studio. Not including pornos."

And if even that is not enough, the fake Apple event right above should do more than enough to convince you. The Brothers Grimsby debuts in theaters on March 11th.

source: The Brothers Grimsby on Twitter

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