Want to tell Microsoft and the whole world what you think about your Windows Phone handset? Now you can


Microsoft's Windows Phone platform sure has a long way to go until it catches up with the current market leaders – Android and iOS – though, the guys at Redmond sure seem determined at making it reality. And sure, this means mainly going for the low- and mid-range segments and targeting developing markets, such as Africa and India, with low-cost, bang-for-buck devices.

For the most part, this attempt has been a success – there are a lot of users who are happy with their Microsoft handsets, Windows Phone's market share is growing in certain areas (albeit it's next to non-existent in China), and a brand loyalty is slowly forming up, but the lack of apps and the unconventional Live Tile-based homescreen are still a turnoff for many potential customers.

Now, in a move, which signals that Microsoft is confident in its products, the company has posted a link to its product review page on its website – a place where owners of any type of Lumia handset can go and write about their positive impressions, or dirty and gritty disappointments, of owning a Windows Phone device.

The reviews, of course, range from “Worst phone I've ever had” to “Best phone I've ever had”, so any experienced Internet shopper will know to look at the good reviews to bad reviews ratio, and look at the way that an opinion has been written up and formulated, in order to assess its credibility.

So there you go. Love your Lumia? Post it up. Want to know if a specific Lumia is a good gift choice for the upcoming holidays? Check it out.

Microsoft's Lumia reviews page

via: WMPoweruser

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