Want notifications on your wrist but smartwatches not fancy enough for you? Bluetooth LED bracelet on the way

Want notifications on your wrist but smartwatches not fancy enough for you? Bluetooth LED bracelet on the way

Arguably, wearables are having a tough time picking up in popularity due to their limited usefulness, short battery life, and last but not least – cumbersome design and plasticky looks. Still, there are people who would like to see notifications on their wrists, as long as they are projected from a fancy-pants package. We already know that HP is working on a fashionable smartwatch with the help of fashion designer Michael Bastian, however it doesn't look like it would grace the wrists of ladies very often.

Well, elemoon is a brand new product, which is doing quite well on Kickstarter ($55,900 pledged of $100,000 goal, as of writing this). It's a smart bracelet that has a grid of multicolor LEDs on top of it. It connects to one's smartphone via Bluetooth and has three main functions – it displays notifications by drawing custom icons on its LED-laden face; it helps you find your phone – rubbing the bracelet produces a phone ring (most probably not a useful function if you are out of Bluetooth range); it tries to match the color palette of your outfit – all you need to do is take a picture of your clothes with your phone.

The bracelet will initially come in 2 models. They don't differ much in design, it's just that one has a gold-plated base, whereas the other one is covered in silver. If you are male and already foaming at the mouth for such a product – elemoon creator Jing Zhou has confirmed that there are plans for male models. And if you absolutely can't wait – the silver model looks kind of maybe unisex-ish.

If you are already looking for the "Buy!" button – you can back elemoon over at Kickstarter. For a $199 pledge, you can pre-order a bracelet and a jewelry box to store it in. Higher pledges can get you a pair of elemoons, custom engravings, and some other perks. Shipping for backers is said to begin in February, 2015.

source: Kickstarter via Endgadget



1. dil2abu

Posts: 315; Member since: Nov 09, 2011

Ring would have been cool with haptic feedback and led blinks.. �

2. Elfmonster unregistered

Fun read. As for the device video: Secrets and lies, it tells women on dates.

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