WSJ: Facebook developing stand-alone camera app to get its subscribers to share content

WSJ: Facebook developing stand-alone camera app to get its subscribers to share content
While Facebook's 1.6 billion users love to rummage through the app everyday to check content sent to them, the app hasn't really been one for users to create content with. In an attempt to change that, Facebook is creating a stand-alone camera app that will allow those installing it to share pictures and videos with Facebook users and others.

According to a report in today's Wall Street Jourmal, Facebook is trying to get users to become less passive and wants to see more content created and shared. A prototype of the new app shows it opening directly to the camera feature. And those shooting video through the app will be given the option to start streaming live video feeds similar to Periscope.

Despite the worry about the passiveness of its members, a Facebook spokesman says that the current level of sharing is "similar to levels in prior years." The spokesman did admit that the new camera app is being designed as a motivational tool to get Facebook subscribers to create more content. The pictures and videos created can be posted on Facebook or other Facebook owned apps like Instagram.

In another nod to the idea of having subscribers create more content, last month Facebook purchased MSQRD; this app offers filters for photographs. It also has a face swapping feature similar to one on Snapchat that allows two people  to exchange faces on a photo.

Those familiar with the stand-alone camera app say that it is just being developed now. They also add that despite the problem Facebook has with the lack of members sharing content, the app may never see the light of day.

source: WSJ


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