WSJ: Apple talking to Tidal about a possible acquisition

WSJ: Apple talking to Tidal about a possible acquisition
Looking to bolster Apple Music, Apple is said to be in talks with Jay Z's Tidal about a possible acquisition of the music streaming service. The talks continue to go on with no promise that they will result in a transaction, and Tidal executives deny that they have been talking to the tech titan. Jay Z purchased the service in March 2015 for $56 million.

Tidal has 4.2 million subscribers. There are two tiers of service; those who pay $20 a month get to hear music in hi-fidelity sound. For $10 a month, Tidal subscribers can hear songs in standard quality sound. Apple Music earlier this month announced that it has 15 million paying subscribers to its service, which is $9.99 a month for individuals, $4.99 for students, and $14.99 a month for families with up to six members.

Apple Music was created from Apple's largest acquisition ever. In May 2014, Apple paid $3 billion for Beats Audio picking up the company's successful headphones business and a little streaming music business called Beats Music. At the time of that transaction, Beats Music had only 111,000 users.

A deal combining Apple Music and Tidal would bring together two iconic names in hip hop, Beat's Dr. Dre and Tidal's Jay Z. The latter is the consummate businessman who could bring some fresh ideas to Apple. In addition, he has the connections to help Apple Music add more popular artists to its library.

There is no talk about what price Tidal might fetch from Apple. And as we pointed out, there is no guarantee that the talks will result in a deal.

source: WSJ



1. Fonatic

Posts: 70; Member since: May 23, 2016

apple music is crazy cheap in some contries like india,just 2 bucks!!!!!

3. kiko007

Posts: 7493; Member since: Feb 17, 2016

Ummm.......I can't tell if you think that's a good thing or a bad one. I would think that's a good thing because of the economic situation there.

6. Fonatic

Posts: 70; Member since: May 23, 2016

thats a good thing!!! btw they offset it by selling the the phones for in excess of 1300 or even as high as 1400$

13. Papa_Ji

Posts: 850; Member since: Jun 27, 2016

Economic People in INDIA with 200$ monthly income can leave much better life than 1000$ income person in USA. Don't post these useless comments before knowing about India.

14. AlikMalix unregistered

Post of the year when it comes to these matters... I hate when people compare US cost of life to other country cost of life. You can get a lot more for less in other countries. They're not the same. You can have a house built from stone and mortar for fraction of cost (labor and material) in where I'm natively from vs having a wood and Sheetrock house here in the US. $100 stretches a lot more in other parts of the world. Same arguments apply to what people are earning in either Samsung or other factories in China, Korea, Taiwan. People real less than what's compared in the US, but their life costs less to live. You can even see the difference 100miles paper in the US. I live in central California, but lots of contractors go to San Francisco to do construction work because they can make 3x times the amount they would where I live - the economy alone in SF is 3x more expensive vs a city only 100 miles away.

15. Doakie

Posts: 2478; Member since: May 06, 2009

Really? How much is a families monthly home payment/rent? Also how much does internet and utilities cost? I'm curious how Indian families make it every month.

9. Leo_MC

Posts: 7432; Member since: Dec 02, 2011

If Apple affords to sell the Music service with 2$ someplace on earth, the taxes in EU can't be so high as to charge 10 euros. I don't care about the economic situation there, I won't accept paying more so that someone else could pay less for the same thing.

12. Papa_Ji

Posts: 850; Member since: Jun 27, 2016

Who care iPhone has less than 2% market share.

2. aikoo

Posts: 129; Member since: Feb 27, 2016

Jay-Z won't do it lol. That'd be insane if he did though, Tidal has the best exclusive artist line up out of all the streaming services hands down.

4. kiko007

Posts: 7493; Member since: Feb 17, 2016

Have you see what they charge people? They better have exclusives lol.

5. aikoo

Posts: 129; Member since: Feb 27, 2016

Right lol. I did the trial when Kanye dropped his album because I heard Frank Ocean was on it and I did the HiFi with compatible headphones but didn't really notice a difference. Maybe it was just me though and I love their UI. But honestly, I enjoy Spotify and if pirating wasn't so easy, I'd be using Tidal.

7. Unordinary unregistered

I love my free Spotify premium from a jailbreak "hack", but enjoy the exclusivity of Apple Music and enjoyed when using Tidal.

8. quakan

Posts: 1418; Member since: Mar 02, 2011

Isn't buying a large competitor considered anti-competitive practices?

10. Settings

Posts: 2943; Member since: Jul 02, 2014

When two parties agree, there's no anti in it

11. willard12 unregistered

Unless the SEC or FCC disagrees. T Mobile and AT&T once agreed with each other.

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