WM6.1 to be announced next week, no one cares

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WM6.1 to be announced next week, no one cares
Rumors are spreading that the new version of the Windows Mobile operating system will be officially announced next week, at the CTIA show in Vegas. It is high time, since a few phones were announced to officially run it (including HTC, Eten, Sony Ericsson) and even a hacked ROM leaked for download, back in February.

Unfortunately, we are not really enthusiastic, as the upgrade doesn’t bring much improvements. As you can see from our first hands-on experience, except for the threaded messaging, there is nothing significant. OK, the Internet Explorer now has zoom, but the overall experience is still a step behind the competition.

Cross your fingers and hope that the official announcement, will bring additional improvements!

via: EngadgetMobile



1. Jacob unregistered

I have managed to get hold of O2 Xda iis with a hacked WM 6.1 ROM. I agree with the mobile community's opinion. There is nothing really much to anticipate from this update. The unit I tested had a slighly different aesthetics than the WM 6 but I'm guessing this detail can be credited to the programmer's tweak rather than as a result of the official update.

2. Wyze unregistered

I agree....nothing much to see here....move on....let us know when windows mobile 7 becomes more than vaporware....

3. JC unregistered

Actually, at The Boy Genius Report they have posted a new gallery with some more improvements, with are actually somewhat big improvements. It may be actually worth it.

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