Hands-on with Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional

Hands-on with Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional
During the Mobile World Congress, the first phones to officially run the (still unannounced!) 6.1 version of Windows Mobile were showcased. They are all actually using the WM6.1 Professional, which we preview here, and not the Standard edition, for phones without touch sensitive displays. However, the information that leaked on it hints it will also be released in future. In the following page, we will list „What’s new” in the 6.1 Professional version.

Getting Started:

By default this menu appears in the home screen, housing a few LARGE fields with “help” information about setting your device up. It may be of help to some novice users and is handy, but is definitely not a great improvement.

Internet Explorer Zoom Out:

One thing we were excited about was the „Zoom out” function in the pocket Internet Explorer, fitting the whole page in the screen, in order to move your cursor around it (panning) and choose which area to zoom, instead of scroll while viewing it in real size. We thought this would put the IE closer to better browsers such as the Safari of the iPhone, but it is not so. The Zoom Out feature is very slow! We took YouTube for example, and it needed nearly 10 seconds; then we scroll down to see the rest of the page and it rendered for another 2-3 seconds. Additionally there are no other improvements of the browser and so, it remains usable, but mediocre. We, as customers, would have liked to see faster rendering, support for embedded flash objects, friendlier scrolling, and more.

Threaded Text Conversations:

The OS will now group your messages to and from a selected contact, as a conversation. It visualizes each one as a line in an Instant Messenger log, with time-stamp. Once a conversation is started, it would appear in the Inbox and when new message is added, it would be marked as ‘unread’. While not really great, this feature is nice and handy.

New Office:

Finally! Microsoft Office 2007 documents can be opened on Microsoft’s own Windows Mobile OS, straight out of the box. An update was released last year for WM6 customers, but it will be preloaded with 6.1. In addition, OneNote Mobile is also part of the Office pack. The program is used for advanced notes, with options for formatting and adding images/sounds.


A real Task Manager is now preloaded with the OS, coming as separate applications. It gives information about the CPU % and Memory each application in the RAM uses. Managed programs allows the system administrator of the domain one is part of (such as a corporate server) to install applications remotely on the phone.



1. DaveDaGr8 unregistered

I want to get this WM6.1 but too bad I have an OLDER Phone... that's why i want to get the SE X1 with WM6.1.... I want to use this new OS so bad!!!

2. DeeMan unregistered

I wish I could upgrade my Windows Mobile 6 Pro on my xv6800 to this OS. But still, you mean to tell me there is no support for Flash material on the Net? For shame. And by the way, if you want a better web surfing experience for the internet browser, just go to Handango.com ( or on your smartphone ) and download SPB Mobile Plus. Not only will it change the interface of the device, but it will allow you to scroll web pages around by touching and dragging anywhere on the screen. It doesn't has a zoom feature but that's OK by me.

21. okeem unregistered

how do u get it

3. unregistered

There is nothing in WM6.1 that excites me at all. The browser still sucks. Threaded SMS looks crude as compared to third party product from the likes of Vito SMS chat. Task Manager and switcher is a joke compared to free software Wktask. Still does'nt play youtube videos. I see no reason to upgrade at all from WM6.

4. unregistered

deeman...there are several 6.1 roms out for the titan, check around xda and ppcgeeks and youll find a lot of info. the threaded text, while basic, offers everything youd really need and it alone is enough to upgrade. it also seems to handle memory better, and users of lower memory phones (like the titan, for example) seem to be noticing more free memory and overall better performance.

5. DeeMan unregistered

What really ticks me off about the xv6800 is that there is very little support for it from Verizon Wireless. Hell, they don't even sell the screen protectors for it. A friend of mine works for them and ordered it on the employee site. He said that it is the ONLY phone that doesn't appear in the listing for available accessories. Too many times, you have to go to third party sites to get something ... like the sites you are giving me. I just wish VZW and HTC supported the xv6800 better than they do before I even think about moving to Windows 6.1.

8. unregistered

You can buy the plastic film protectant like card laminating from Wal-mart and, the material is self adhering. duh duh

6. mycall unregistered

Windows is so utterly ugly. I'm a PC/windows user, and i cannot wait until MAC domination of the entire world - at least that way there will be no more grey and gloom. Roll on WM9!

7. unregistered

I have a new HTC touch dual and I would like to know how I can used saved Mp3 music as alarm ring tones

9. unregistered

I am considering migrating from a Palm OS and hope that someone can tell me whether or not individual voice mails are shown. I am tired of listenting all the way through my mail with the Palm OS... Thanks

10. Niel unregistered

Hi Guys.. Can i update my HTC Dual Touch to WM 6.1?? Please help...

17. non unregistered

just go to htc website and choose ur phone then click on support and it will ask you if you want to update to 6.1 thats what i did Its better then 6.0

20. ian unregistered

Is the update to WM6.1 only applies for US HTC Touch Dual? I'm in Indonesia and I can't download the software. When I wanna download it in the HTC website, they ask me to put in my HTC's serial number. I did but then it appears 'Sorry, this software download is not suitable for your device.' My phone is definitely HTC Touch Dual, how come I can't download the WM6.1 Anyone can answer my question?

11. LMFAO unregistered

"MAC domination of the entire world..." Mycall is too funny. I have heard that from anti-establishment Apple idiots since the original MAC was first released. Guess what? The MAC is still not dominant and never will be. There are lots of good reasons for that, but I guess some people just keeping wishing fairies and unicorns are real. (Actually, there is more a chance someone will some day find a real unicorn than there is that MAC would ever dominate the world.)

12. unregistered

Thankfully Sprint has worked hard to keep the ball rolling on the Mogul. They are offering a free rom upgrade to 6.1. From all I have read and what I have experienced with friends 6800 from VZW I feel very happy that I got mine from Sprint. Even though they have been delayed many time on updates they have at least released them!

13. Dean unregistered

I have the HTC Tytn II previously running WM6. Saw WM6.1 on HTC's website and thought i'd upgrade. What a waste of time. Nothing really new or useful here. I use the free Opera Mini browser for the net. IE mobile is still very painful to use. I thought OneNote Mobile might be useful but you can't even jot or draw only type, no good for a quick notes. Wouldn't get excited about this. Roll on WM7!

14. Seed22less unregistered

I just updated my phone to WM6.1 Prof. I'm having ONE issue with it...I HATE that big ugly clock, and 6.0 you could make it smaller. Does ANYONE know how to do that? I tried in the option but all they have in the options is that HUGE ugly clock!! I would take it off the today setting, but I always look at my phone for a clock and if I take it off there, I can't do that anymore!! ANYONE...PLEASE?!?!?!?!?!?! And I agree about the SMS messaging....It's kind of annoying having it in a "conversation" like AIM!!! Thank you to whoever can help me!! I have the Samsung i760 in case you need to know! Steph

15. tytn 1 user unregistered

Where on earth can I download wm6.1???????????? I have searched the web flat for it and every one is talking about it but no one says "HERE IT IS, DOWNLOAD IT" Please help me with a link Thanx

16. aznboy621 unregistered

i uprgraded to it on my tilt from the htc website... and it looks to have messed my phone bars up i only get 1 or 2 bars... kinda odd

18. unregistered

I just tried using Windows Live and it seems to be very cool. Was this there in 6.0? I don't remember it. Also, where did the calculator go?!

19. Rumeble303 unregistered

I am having a problem wiith the ringtones that I have on my storage card with WM6. No matter what files I put it in, it will not move into the drop down menu for the ringtones. It worked before I upgraded my phone and now its not letting me put my own songs for a ringtone. Is MS forcing me to buy ringtones again, cause this is part of the reason that I bought the phone in the first place, freedom from these nickel and dime companies!!!

22. Davis Shrima unregistered

I have my phone HTC touch diamond i need to install new oparation system how can i get one for my phone !!

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