Vodafone UK eyes April 8 as the release date for the HTC Desire

Vodafone UK eyes April 8 as the release date for the HTC Desire
Vodafone UK customers can now circle April 8 as being the delivery date for the highly anticipated HTC Desire. People are eagerly awaiting for its arrival – which looks to have been delayed due to concerns over a new ROM that required devices to be re-flashed. Vodafone UK's web site has finally put up the Android 2.1 powered smartphone where expected future owners can go ahead and place a pre-order. When it comes down to pricing, the HTC Desire can be purchased for free with a two year contract that's of at least £30 per month – still, it's not a bad deal when you consider its high-end specs sheet. Although they were the last major UK mobile carrier to make an official confirmation about the Desire's launch, it won't be too long now before those desires from customers waiting hand-in-hand for a while are fulfilled.

HTC Desire Specifications | Hands-on

source: Vodafone via Unwired View



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