Virgin Mobile adopting Samsung Intercept

Virgin Mobile adopting Samsung Intercept
Virgin Mobile, a Sprint subsidiary, is finally getting some Android love with the release of the Samsung Intercept. The device has been on the Sprint lineup since July, but will now become the first Android device available on Virgin Mobile.

The news came from Virgin Mobile USA's Facebook page, which features a picture of the device (as seen below), and says that "...we're happy to confirm that our next handset launch will be the Samsung Intercept. Check out the photo below, get excited, & stay tuned over the next few weeks for more information!"

The "next few weeks" bit sounds promising, but that was referring to "more information", so we can't venture a guess as to the actual release date. Logic would put the release some time before Black Friday.

Virgin Mobile's current lineup includes the Kyocera Loft, the LG Rumor 2, the LG Rumor Touch, and the BlackBerry Curve 8530.

Samsung Intercept Review

source: Virgin Mobile USA (Facebook) via Engadget

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  • Display 3.2" 240 x 400 pixels
  • Camera 3.2 MP
  • Battery 1500 mAh(5.50h talk time)



1. Boti95

Posts: 162; Member since: Sep 05, 2010

Its probably goin to be $229.99

2. sprintguy210 unregistered

I'm thinking 299.99. Based on specs alone, its far superior to the blackberry VM already has available for 249.99. As much as I like to see VM get good phones with their unbeatable plan pricing. Its a little discerning to see all these nice sprint phones that were once unique and exclusive to sprint and sprint only. Just to see them end up with virgin mobile with better plan and phone pricing. It makes me wonder why I pay so much to be on contract when I can get the same services for so much cheaper off contract. $25 / month for a samsung intercept is so cheap. I just might have to make the switch.

3. Boti95

Posts: 162; Member since: Sep 05, 2010

The price will fall probably in Black Friday.

4. Steve A. unregistered

Target already has this phone for $249.99 they got it on 10/01/2010

5. Michelle A. unregistered

Nice phone. I can't wait to have one for myself. VM is simply amazing.. they offer the best deals ever. Virgin Mobile Phones

6. Angry Masterbater unregistered

MMMM I like it it is wey better than the black berry it look AWSOME

7. Crazy phone addict unregistered

yeah this phone is kinda kool its way better that boost mobiles motorla I1 that phone is 400 bucks for an android that runs off of 1.5 ice age android step up people.

8. Marissa

Posts: 1; Member since: Dec 09, 2010

i have been looking everwhere dor this phone cheap cant fing it.

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