Samsung Intercept Review

Samsung Intercept Review

Though it may be overshadowed by another popular device on Sprint shelves, the Samsung Intercept is an important point in the carrier’s relationship with Android.  The first three devices (HTC Hero, Samsung Moment and HTC EVO 4G) were all premium devices, perched atop their lineup and representing the best the smartphone world had to offer at the time.  The Intercept is different; it’s a decidedly mid-range smartphone that doesn’t try to be more than it is.  It marks a separation from the carrier’s top tier and a move into the feature phone space.  From a feature perspective the Intercept is a downgrade from the Moment it replaces, with a smaller and lower resolution screen and EVDO Rev 0 instead of Rev A.  But it’s a smaller device with a bigger keypad, and came into the market at almost half of what the Moment did back in November.  Included with the Intercept is a 2GB microSD card and a combined AC adapter and data cable.


The Samsung Intercept is undoubtedly a better looking phone than the Moment.  Yes, the screen has shrunk from 3.2” down to 3,” but the difference isn’t very noticeable and the overall design and size is much better for it.  The Intercept is more polished and looks more like a Samsung phone; the Moment always looked like a clunky, poorly-designed step-child.  The Intercept feels more natural in your hands, thanks in part to the narrower design and tapered edges.

You can compare the Samsung Intercept with many other phones using our Size Visualization Tool.

While the smaller screen size isn’t much of an issue, the lower resolution is.  The Moment featured an AMOLED panel at 320x480, but the Intercept knocks it down to a TFT at 240x400.  We weren’t expecting a Super AMOLED display here, but to at least keep par with its predecessor would have been nice.  The quality is noticeably degraded though it does gain a bit of readability in direct light.  We’re not crazy about the feel either; there is a considerable amount of drag when swiping around the screen.  This can at least be fixed with the addition of a screen protector if the user so chooses.

One of the changes we do like is the reworked QWERTY keyboard.  It still features the same four row design, but the keys are larger and more usable.  Furthermore Samsung has done away with the silly offset that brought the bottom edges out further than the row above it.  The space in the middle of the bottom row still remains but it is less of a nuisance this time around since it does not push that bottom row out.  The keys do not have much tactile feel to them, but thanks to their large size and definite click when pressed the Intercept is a breeze to type on.  Like the Moment the spring-assisted slide mechanism is fairly heavy, but in a good way.

The front now features four capacitive keys- a search option has been added- in addition to the optical joystick and physical send and end keys.  The right edge houses the 3.5mm headphone jack at the top and camera key at the bottom; the left side has a volume rocker and the microSD slot.  Thankfully Samsung has moved this outside and the battery no longer needs to be removed to swap cards.  The microUSB charging/data port is along the top, and near it on the back is the 3.2 megapixel camera.  At the bottom of the battery door is the single speaker, and like many recent models the door must be pried off from the bottom to be removed.  Thankfully this process is smoother than on the Samsung Restore and we did not have issues with the battery coming out.

The Intercept is a more traditional Samsung design, with familiar styling for the keys and trim.  It is offered in grey and pink, the latter of which has a nicely stylized back.  Overall the phone has more chic to it, something the Moment definitely lacked.  It is not at the expense of usability however, as the Intercept feels good in the hand and is great to type on.  The two color options will allow the Samsung Intercept to appeal to a larger customer base who may be concerned with looks just as much as performance.

Samsung Intercept 360 Degrees view:



1. chris23

Posts: 39; Member since: Jul 16, 2010

Come on phone arena how are you not doing your review on the stock UI of the phone? And again this phone is the same size as the mytouch slide, but yet you say that this phone is "a nice size" And multi-touch on the slide is waaaay better

2. chris23

Posts: 39; Member since: Jul 16, 2010

And the resolution on this phone is lower than i have ever seen in a addition the slide does not need any home replacement and works pretty fast all the time as long as you are killing the apps...So i'm sorry Phone Arena i do not see how this phone gets rated even 0.5 higher than the Mytouch Slide

3. SladeNoctis

Posts: 5; Member since: Apr 30, 2010

The Samsung Intercept is in the featurephone area hitting the mainstream crowd. While the Mytouch Slide is a smartphone with a smartphone price range and hitting in many crowd areas. If the Slide was in the same price point as the Intercept it would be comparing the LG Ally and the Motorola Droid. But it's a shame that a featurephone like Intercept features a more higher clocked processor than the Mytouch Slide. But hopefully there will be a Android device that will surpass all the original Android users' dreams, a HTC Dream with the spec sheet of a Samsung Galaxy S phone or rumored gingerbread spec sheet requirement.

4. Jonathan Pusar unregistered comment that the Moment's UI is bland, yet its not on the Intercept? Its the same thing! They are both $99 on Sprint. If you're gonna give this phone an 8 because of customization, then you should give at least that for the Moment....

6. Atulita unregistered

This is NOT a smart phone! All the wish-wash reviews lead me to buy this horrible phone. From pictures to simple phone call it's not worth the money!!! Do not buy this phone! The list of bad things is to long to list here... I can't believe Samsung actually put this on the market... not right!

7. ashley unregistered

This phone is pure garbage!! Sprint replaced my moment with the Intercept and its by far THE WORST android phone I've come across. Its slow, the quality of the phone is trash. The camera is horrible. I wouldn't reccomend it for anything.

8. Wadya unregistered

On Sprint, Samsung Intercept feels inferior because there are options such as Samsung Transform, Samsung Epic 4G, EVO 4G. For 2 year contract, one gets better phone with subsidized price and same rate plan. Samsung Intercept feels great on Virgin Mobile USA. With 25 USD per month unlimited SMS / MMS / Data and no service fees/taxes!

9. Marc Dunbar unregistered

Sprint replaced my HTC Hero crap phone, With this intercept, this phone go into airplane mode every time i travel to a different cell tower. I am unable to turn of the AP mode w/o turning of the phone. I can then turn on the phone make a call then the phone go right back into AP mode again. I can not receive calls or use data. Sprint has replaced this phone 4 times now, and the phone has done the same thing with every phone. Sprint is telling me that this in a known software problem with this phone and the Samsung is working on a fix. But sprint is still selling this phone even with the problems and not informing anyone of the issues. After bringing the phone back to sprint for a service tag every day for the past 18 days,( i told sprint i would bring this phone every day till the end of my contract next November untill they replaced the phone with something better) Today Sprint decited to replace my intercept with a LG Optimus S. Hope this is a better phone. The reviews seem to be pretty good!!

10. Fred H unregistered

Beyond bad, this is the worst phone I've ever owned. "Some menu lag" is the understatement of a year, and not just the menus but *everything* on the phone lags and / or freezes up. It's so bad that from time to time you'll get a call and hear the phone ringing, but will find yourself unable to answer it before it gets to voicemail because the screen stays black and doesn't display the call-screen with the accept reject buttons until it's too late. Calls also drop regularly, even in areas where the phone shows 3 or 4 bars. It performs just as poorly as an internet device, coughing and wheezing all the way through. Particularly egregious is are the navigation buttons at the bottom of the screen, which often fail to work. If you touch them more than once, be prepared for the phone to go insane after its normal 10 second lag time, popping up all sorts of windows at once and sometimes even performing commands you never pressed buttons for. If you're really lucky, the phone will freeze to black, and you'll have to remove the battery to reset it, as if the device is trying to hide itself out of shame. Sprint, for their part, is beyond unhelpful. Their forums are replete with complaints and angry tirades about this phone, but they refuse to admit that it's a lemon. I decided to wait for the Froyo update, which put me outside the 30 day return period... I had the phone reset at the Sprint store and continued to experience problems, eventually being told that I would just have to live with it, unacceptable since the device utterly fails to perform as advertised (or often at all). Pass on this one and go for a better model; put the $50 or $100 in, because you get what you pay for with these. I'm cancelling my contract and moving over to T-Mobile.

11. awoelf unregistered

This is worse than any phone I could have ever possibly imagined. And I'm not picky. If the phone can make calls, sends/receives text messages, and occasionally allow me to check my email, I'm happy. If I still had it, I'd go back to my flip phone from 2007 because at least it could send simple text messages and answer calls without constantly freezing and messing up. My husband and I both bought this phone at the same time. And they are both complete trash. Frequently (I'm talking like once every few days) his would not send text messages, even with 4-5 bars of service, without him having to resend the message eight or more times. And this lasts for a period of a few hours. EVERY text must be sent over and over and over and over and over before it finally works. My phone had a different problem. It randomly corrupted and then deleted all of my photos. It started out where I could not open the pictures, or they would have green squares all over them, and then one day they were completely gone. My photo gallery simply says "no media found." You cannot talk on the phone without pressing buttons accidentally with your face. Very annoying. FORGET watching a video on YouTube on this phone. It will freeze every 15 seconds at least, even if you pause the video to let it completely load first. OH! And one of the most annoying things at all. Sometimes, when you try to delete a certain text message, the phone will freeze and it will think you clicked more than once, and the "CALL THIS NUMBER" button is right behind "delete message." So it will start calling the person whose message you are trying to delete, and since the phone is already slightly frozen when this happens, you won't be able to hang up until it already rang a bunch of times. Not a single function on this phone works like it should. I can't even believe Samsung put a phone this crappy out on the market.

12. biebergurl101

Posts: 2; Member since: Dec 30, 2012

this phone is ok. its cool looking and works 70% of the time. it is pretty slow and sometimes it randomly turns off. you can get cool apps and stuff and the keyboard works great! you need an sd card to take pictures or get music or anythng like that and mine didnt come with an sd card so you have to spend more money for that, which sucks. this is a very good phone compared to my old stupid boring phone but its not very good compared to other samsung phones. i only rate it a 3.5 out of 5 stars. good things: cool looking good keyboard nice apps ect. bad things: slow turns off randomly ect. i like this phone but i dont think its always reliable. ~ hope this was helpful!

13. biebergurl101

Posts: 2; Member since: Dec 30, 2012

awoelf~ this fone was not that bad and i didnt have some of these problems. i think you over eggzargerating.
  • Display 3.2" 240 x 400 pixels
  • Camera 3.2 MP
  • Battery 1500 mAh(5.50h talk time)

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