Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson to be interns at Google

Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson to be interns at Google
In a movie, obviously. Google's hiring policies tend to require at least one master's degree, if not better, in a decidedly tech field. We're pretty sure that Vince and Owen haven't had that much time to commit to coding since getting into acting. Still, the two have some pretty solid comedic chemistry, and best of all, this movie, titled The Internship, will be rated-R. 

Word has it that Vaughn and Wilson are working on a movie where they play 40-year olds who lose their jobs and start over in a new field. They get internships at Google, and are subsequently bullied by their bosses who are half as old as they are. Pretty standard comedy formula it seems. Unfortunately, the movie won't be filming at the Googleplex, but instead will shoot on the Georgia Tech campus. 

The movie is planned to release next year, and we're assuming that there will be at least a few Android/iPhone jokes in the script. No word on what sort of cameos there will be from Google's well-known faces, or if everyone in the movie will be wearing Google Glass.

source: Mashable

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