View gigapixel images on the iPhone with Seadragon

View gigapixel images on the iPhone with Seadragon
An application, product of Microsoft, intended for the Apple iPhone. Sounds a bit strange, doesn’t it? We thought this way too, before installing Seadragon, and closely examining it. Now, we are convinced that there isn’t any other device that is more suitable for the job.

What exactly is Seadragon? In short – a program for viewing images. It sounds really simple this way, but it actually gives you the option to smoothly move around images with gigapixel resolution (look at the screenshots below). So right here comes one of the iPhone’s main advantages – its multitouch display, providing you with the pleasure to zoom in and out by just “pinching” the screen. The program offers you some preset picture galleries (divided into art, historical, maps, photographs, space and technology and internet), which show off its full possibilities. Moreover, you can examine your own (or somebody else’s) photosynth gallery. Unfortunately, the site is used for sharing panorama images only, so you won’t be able to use this wonderful technology in order to view high-quality images of your family album.

As a whole we’re rather impressed by Seadragon, since it runs really smooth, especially if you consider the size of the pictures. The good news is that the program is absolutely free and available through AppStore.

via: MSMobiles


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