Verizon's update for the LG Revolution adds remote diagnostics feature

Verizon's update for the LG Revolution adds remote diagnostics feature
Would you trust a carrier enough to let them get inside your phone if you had a technical issue with it? That is the major question at hand after Verizon announced that the new update for the LG Revolution will include a feature called "Verizon Remote Diagnostics". What this does is to allow, with your permission of course, a technician to remotely take over your device to troubleshoot the unit. Will LG Revolution owners see it as a possible tool for gathering information or as a way to see who has rooted their phone? And will Big Red be adding this feature to future updates for other models? These answers will be coming in the future, but for now it is just the LG Revolution that will have this feature.

Other changes coming with firmware version VS910ZV8 includes a fix to a reboot problem that the phone has had since upgrading from Froyo to Gingerbread, playing AVI files through HDMI will no longer make the display flicker, placing an alarm on snooze during a call will now set snooze to 5 minutes, Dolby presets now include settings for loudness, bass and spaciousness, when in Airplane mode, the 4G icon will no longer appear, enhancements have been made to email, messaging and web browsing, a text message sent to a 7-digit number will be marked as sent and received, pressing the back key when browsing will return the user to the previous page (!), there will be improved device messaging to fix delays or incomplete sends, the calendar widget now displays the correct month for November and Verizon video is now preloaded.

The main focus though, will be on the remote diagnostics feature. If you own the LG Revolution, does this alarm you? And for other smartphone owners, would you trust the carriers to take a peek and takeover your handset only with you permission? Is this too similar to the Carrier IQ "scandal" and is just a ruse to get inside your phone? Let us know what you're thinking by leaving your comments in the box below!

source: Verizon via AndroidCentral

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