Verizon's tiered data plans now available, "Unlimited Any Mobile" trial expands to more states

Verizon's tiered data plans now available, "Unlimited Any Mobile" trial expands to more states
Verizon rolled out its tiered data plans for smartphones, as promised:

3G Feature Phones
- $1.99 per-MB pay as you go (if you don't use data, then you don't pay), $15 for 150MB (overage is $15 for another 150MB), and $29.99 for unlimited use.
3G Smartphones - $15 for 150MB (overage is $15 for another 150MB) and $29.99 for unlimited use.

The chief differentiation here is 50MB less than the AT&T's limited plan, and considering the average data usage by Verizon's Android phones is 485MB, you are likely to quickly blow past that limit, unless you only use your smartphone to keep track on the NFL. Then you pay another $15 for a 150MB overage, which kind of equalizes it with an unlimited plan.

The carrier also expands its "Unlimited Any Mobile" pilot project, testing plans with limitless mobile-to-mobile calling to other carriers, trying to match what Sprint has been offering for a while. In addition to some markets in Texas and Louisiana, where the service was available since August, Big Red now adds Oklahoma, Alabama (Mobile), Arkansas, Florida (Pensacola), Mississippi, and West Tennessee. The "Unlimited Any Mobile" plans range from $60 to $130 for 450 to 2000 minutes, individual or family. Texting and MMS is also unlimited, and the offer runs until the end of December.

source: Verizon & FierceWireless


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