Verizon's response to FCC unsatisfactory and troubling, says Commissioner

Verizon's response to FCC unsatisfactory and troubling, says Commissioner
Mignon Clyburn is one of the 5 FCC Commissioners which means that anything she says regarding Verizon's written reply to the FCC for its $350 ETF and the $1.99 Mobile Web charges carries a bit of weight to it. And she is not happy, saying that Big Red's comments were, "unsatisfactory amd in some cases troubling." Not only does the Commissioner note that a triple digit ETF doesn't serve the public interest, she is "alarmed" that customers are being charged $1.99 for just merely heading to the Mobile Web home page without having a data plan. Verizon's response that such customers were not charged unless they jumped from the home page to another site, suggesting use of the Mobile Web, was met with,oh, let's call it a moderate degree of skepticism as the Commissioner writes, "press reports and consumer complaints strongly suggest otherwise. I look forward to exploring thisissue in greater depth with my colleagues in the New Year." Want to read the Commissioners letter? Check out the source link.and take notes on how to write a letter that will get results.

source: FCC via Engadget


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