Verizon's Open Development Conference held today

Verizon's Open Development Conference held today
The big news from Verizon Wireless today was their Open Development Conference, held in New York. The main purpose was to provide developers a road map and certification criteria on allowing their devices onto Verizon's network. First off, devices must meet or exceed CDMA-2000 specifications (1x and EV-DO), allow for E911, and be approved by the FCC. The device (along with a fee) is then submitted to Verizon , which will fully test its compatibility with their voice and data network (including Bluetooth and WiFi, if applicable). This part of the testing is estimated to take 4 weeks. After that, there will be another two weeks for Infrastructure Interop Testing, and then two final weeks for Field Interoperability Testing. After all this is completed and the device passes, it will be officially certified. The manufacture will then be allowed to market and sell the device as they see fit. The certification lasts for 36 months, after which time devices will need to be re-approved. Most importantly, the original manufacturer's UI will be allowed to stay on the device, and not be replaced with a Verizon branded UI.

The information provided today is an important first step in allowing greater freedom and choice for Verizon's customers. It is expected that approved devices will be available in the 2nd half of this year. A lot of people have wondered about using the iPhone on Verizon, but currently, this is not possible, since the iPhone is GSM and Verizon is CDMA.

Slide Images from today's Open Development Conference may be viewed here.
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1. Some Guy(for security reasons) unregistered

As an eployee for a major Verizon dealer i would like to be the first to say that i dont think the iphone should be allowed on our network. We are putting out phones that are just as good and definitaly more reliable than the iphone. Idk just thought i would throw that out there.

2. LordObento unregistered

Steve wouldn't make any money on monthly revenue on a CDMA Open Network iPhone. AT&T and all the other global carriers have to pay to have an iPhone.

3. unregistered

dont forget ATT has the iphone exclusively for a couple years, so a CDMA version is 100 percent unlikely until that ends.

4. Dorian unregistered

I wonder if I can then use my Helio Ocean on the Verizon network?

5. colby unregistered

These decisions were not made in light of other carriers CDMA phones being brought to Verizon. Think bigger, most notably think TV's w/ Verizon network capabilities. Not a huge swing now, but when LTE is here, you have one provider for everything: cell, TV service, Internet, etc. All through one IP protocol instead of 3 disparate technologies. Now they are laying the groundwork for making their network a ubiquitous extension of the internet as it proliferates to many more devices.

6. LTE lover unregistered

Thank you #5. First, the open development is for any service. The open development is not for just phones. Imagine taking your ps3 or one day ps4 and having it used on the network. VoIP, TV through the internet, etc. Open access will be a total wireless solution to everything we currently use. Cable service may move to wireless that will be more competitive. Imagine blockbuster wireless that sends you that movie online. Watch all tv wireless... even possibly movies in the theater at a higher price. There is so much more to open development. Also, the iphone is only 2g network. The iphone would have to have a lot of enhancements to be good on verizon. Don't think of the iphone as a technology killer b/c it only has a cool touch screen. there is nothing special about the iphone other than the screen and music. NO tv, No pix, No Videos, slow slow slow slow internet...

7. Russ the techie unregistered

If you guys read the post, it clearly says that iphone will not work simply because of the network technologies... granted all VZW would have to do is get a sim card approved and bam...then buy up some little mom and pop gsm carriers and then ya...maybe we might see a iphone on VZW...but working for VZW.... i would say that there are bigger things planned.... by the time a cdma iphone even rolled around we will see big changes..... Look at the progress in the past year.... one of the biggest complaints any customers have is our phones....with this...promblem solved....think more in the direction on #5's response...that is right on the money... there is a good chance that VZ wireless might be going to one company....and merging w/ landline.....most of the communications no longer say VZW.... Just Verizon... and we already have a cable company doing FIOS.... and they are already doing VCAST mobile TV..... why not combine the two and destroy everything else in the path..... vcast mobile TV is at 32 fps....which is what your normal home set is at... there is no pausing.. its just on.... how much harder would it be for say a tv company to put a device like this in a tv.... the network is already being built and by the time this hits w/ the companies that manufactor the tvs ....the major US cities will already be blanketed and the only thing VZW will have to do is expand their line about them apples?

8. harper unregistered

what about LTE? wouldnt that allow iphone for gsm/cdma?

9. russ the techie unregistered

No, even though LTE is a GSM tech, its not confined to the bounds of a sim card, because keep in mind that at one point VZW was thinking about using SIM cards, but found that the ESN number in the switch was sufficient, LTE can be conformed to any radio frequency and tech, I have a feeling that VZW might be opening up to GSM in future, but you will have to see them buy up a whole mess of GSM carriers for that to happen...besides who wants to leave CDMA?

10. CSR unregistered

regardless of the want (whether it is there or not) the iphone is locked to at&t and they have the exclusive, also being a different tech, so using the iphone on verizon is not going to happen, period

11. jskrenes unregistered

You've all got to think beyond phones to get what Verizon is doing. Think of a home security system that can alert the authorities via a cellular network when there is a break-in, fire, etc. Or security cameras that can be wired into the network. Or a fridge with cameras in it so you can see what's in your fridge while you're at the grocery store. This probably won't be a "take your Katana or old Alltel phone to VZW" situation.

12. steviecrackberry unregistered

come on... we all know that the new development plan is to find new ways to nickel and dime their customers?

13. unregistered

Poor steviecrackberry. Just stuck in your little biased, bitterness-laiden hole. I'm grateful that I, as well as others, can see the big picture and am not limited to my small-mindedness. This opens the way for so many possibilities, just as each carrier is trying to define itself with products/services it offers. This is a far-cry better than Verizon's former "only VZW phones" philosophy, that it carried for so long. At any rate, kudos VZW and poster #5 for recognizing the possibilities, I think you nailed it head-on! The potential functions of opening up the network in this way are limit-less!

14. George unregistered

Yah, it all sounds like a hassle if you are doing it just for a phone.

15. Bob M. unregistered

I work for VZW. We were told a little about this by a trainer the other day. Poster #5 did hit the nail on the head. If you are worried about taking your Sprint phone and using it on the nation's most reliable network you will be able to as long as the phone is unlocked and it is CDMA.

16. unregistered

What exactly does this mean for verizon customers? And does this mean that we will be able to use sidekicks on verizons network?

17. Mike unregistered

No, the Sidekick won't work on Verizon since it runs on T-Mobile's GSM network, while Verizon runs on CDMA.

18. unregistered

Here is a twist people... Verizon just one the 700 mhz auction. Now, take the biggest to as big as it can go. This type of air wave penetrates walls and covers the ENTIRE USA. Now, think about switching to verizon b/c AT&T will lose to the network. I am switching....

19. jskrenes unregistered

CDMA/GSM technologies aside, the process (submitting your device, having it tested for two months, getting only a 3-yr certification, and paying a fee for all of this) makes it highly unlikely that the average customer will be able to walk into a Verizon store with a non-VZW device and walk out of the store with it connected to their network. Unless the manufacturer has already put the device through the testing.

20. Shannon unregistered

Customers have been asking for this, and Verizon is giving it to them. It places less limits on consumers, which is what consumers seem to be after. GSM and CDMA can't be combined, however this is a great move to have in place before the new network roadmap.

21. unregistered

Just so everyone knows... I have done some research. Qualcomm has made new chips that will be able to combine cdma/gsm and most importantly UMB and LTE. That means this chips could work for both cdma and gsm 4g networks. kinda cool. I saw this on phonescoop.

22. jskrenes unregistered

What consumer is going to go through the certification process? I think this is geared more for manufacturers, and probably for those who want to use cellular technology on devices we wouldn't even consider traditional phones.

23. Yemi VZW RSR unregistered

first of all its not that simple. the mere fact of it is that VZW doesnt want the iphone. all of vzw phones have that verizon interface/os with the exeption of the advanced devices. apple wanted their os and we wanted our. not to mention that apple didnt want to honor our insurance policy. all of our phones can be insured and apple didnt want that. which why you cant insure the iphone with ATT. if anything were to go wrong with the device youd have to go through apple. vzw has service techs that know how to troubleshoot our phones. basically vzw saw that iphone as a liablity. nto to mention the iphone isnt even 3g capable yet....oh and vzw will be 4g soon

24. Crossblade

Posts: 224; Member since: Apr 21, 2005

absolutely right! I agree with you

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