Verizon's Chocolate Touch appears in pictures

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Verizon's Chocolate Touch appears in pictures
A tipster passed along pictures of Verizon's Chocolate Touch to Engadget Mobile and some are saying that there is a big problem. The device in the picture looks nothing like the sleek and sexy BL40 that we have admired on those videos. Instead, we see a device that looks more like an LG Dare. Some of the confusion could be that there are two different phones. We made a point of writing that back on August 8th when we reported Best Buy would offer the handset along with many others. In that article, we wrote "Among the standout handsets that will be launched that day is the LG Chocolate Touch. While not the BL40 that everyone is busting blood vessels over, the VX8575 will be the fourth Chocolate named handset in the series and will have a full touchscreen UI." The model pictured could be the VX8575 which looks nothing like the Chocolate BL40.

LG Chocolate Touch VX8575 Preliminary Specifications




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