Verizon's Android market share is slipping

Verizon's Android market share is slipping
Verizon has been the biggest driving force behind Android in the USA. Verizon Wireless is huge, and before the iPhone showed up on its red shores, 80% of its smartphone sales were Android devices. So, not surprisingly, Verizon has held, and continues to hold the number one spot in Android market share, but its lead is slipping. 

According to the numbers from Chitika's advertising network, Verizon has been losing ground in Android market share to AT&T and budget carriers like MetroPCS and US Cellular. As of the numbers from March 2011, Verizon held just over 51% of the Android market share. But, new numbers from August show that Verizon has slipped to just over 41%. T-Mobile and Sprint have essentially stayed the same over the time span, but the big winners have been AT&T, which more than doubled its market share, and budget carriers. 

AT&T's Android market share jumped from 3.58% in March to 8.72% in August. And, budget carriers went from about 3% of the Android market to almost 8.5%. AT&T's jump can easily be attributed to the fact that before February, AT&T didn't exactly have a compelling Android selection, because the carrier's entire focus was on the iPhone. Since then, AT&T has been adding a nice array of Android devices to make up for its loss of iPhone exclusivity. 

The budget carrier increase is welcome news as far as we're concerned. Verizon's service is expensive, and it doesn't really carry low-cost Android options, so it's nice to see consumers making the most of their purchases and not simply opting for whatever the big guys offer. Of course, even with the dip, Verizon is still number one, and holds 4 of the top 5 Android devices in the US (DROID X, HTC DROID Incredible, Samsung Fascinate, and OG DROID.)

source Chitika

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