Verizon will not cancel upgrades that let customers keep unlimited data

Verizon will not cancel upgrades that let customers keep unlimited data
Over the weekend, we told you about a glitch that was allowing some Verizon customers to upgrade online to a new subsidized phone without having to give up their unlimited data plan. Verizon has been trying to get those still cooking with unlimited data to switch to a capped data plan. As it turned out, Big Red said that a "software issue" was responsible for the problem and said late Sunday that the problem was fixed.

The question was whether or not Verizon would allow those who were able to take advantage of the glitch, to keep their orders. Or, would the nation's largest carrier unilaterally cancel those orders? As it turned out, Verizon decided to allow those orders that benefited from the glitch, to go through. Keep in mind that not every Verizon customer was able to upgrade to a new subsidized phone and keep their grandfathered unlimited data plan. At least one Big Red customer upgraded to an Apple iPhone 5s and was forced to give up his unlimited data.

You can check out Verizon's statement below.

source: DroidLife


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