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Is Verizon allowing online upgraders to keep unlimited data even with a new subsidized phone?

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Is Verizon allowing online upgraders to keep unlimited data even with a new subsidized phone?
On Saturday, a rumbling from Verizon customers seemed to suggest that those upgrading to a new phone online were being allowed to keep their unlimited data plan. Verizon has dropped unlimited data and has been trying like crazy to get grandfathered customers to switch to a capped data plan through an equipment upgrade.

But there have been conflicting reports about this. The original reports were from those who were not buying a subsidized handset which would  normally have allowed them to continue with the unlimited data plan. No big deal there. But on Sunday morning, reports trickled in from Big Red customers who ran through the upgrading process on Verizon's website, and would have been allowed to purchase a subsidized phone without losing their unlimited plan. On the other hand, at least one Verizon customer upgraded to the Apple iPhone 5s and had to leave his unlimited data plan behind.

Since many of those reporting that they were not prompted to switch data plans were merely going through the motions online, we wonder if Verizon would have forced the issue once the phone arrived and needed to be activated. We'd like to hear from some Verizon customers who have upgraded to a new phone this weekend, and either were able to keep or forced to lose their unlimited data plan.

One important piece of information for Verizon customers. Entering VERIZON30 in the coupon code box on the carrier's site will drop the price of a $199 phone to $139. 

Can Verizon customers upgrade to a subsidized phone online and keep unlimited data?

source: DroidLife

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