Verizon tops RootMetrics' second-half drive test; T-Mobile is strong in top 30 metro markets

Verizon tops RootMetrics' second-half drive test; T-Mobile is strong in top 30 metro markets
You just got to love T-Mobile CEO John Legere. Early last year, after T-Mobile finished last in RootMetrics' mobile network drive test for the first half of 2013, the executive took umbrage at the fact that the data released was outdated. After all, it was early 2014 when the report came out about the first half of 2013. In dismissing the results of RootMetrics' test, he also sent out a tweet saying that the results were slanted.

The results of RootMetrics' second half 2014 drive test are now out and T-Mobile is now more than happy to let some results resonate with consumers. In the top 30 metro markets, T-Mobile finished second to Verizon. AT&T was third (no doubt putting a huge smile on Mr. Legere's face) with Sprint finishing last. In the same top 30 metro markets, T-Mobile was number one in the categories of network speed and text performance. The carrier was number two in data performance.

Overall in all markets, the results show a different story. Verizon remained on top with a score of 93.9. AT&T was second with a tally of 91.7. In third came Sprint with T-Mobile placing fourth (with scores of 86.6 and 84 respectively). In network reliability, it was the same order with Verizon (95.5) edging out AT&T (93.8) for the top spot. Sprint (90.9) took third with T-Mobile (85.4) last. In network speed, once again it was Big Red first with AT&T second. T-Mobile took third here, followed by Sprint.

Verizon saw a big jump during the second half of last year in the number of markets with a median 20Mbps+ data speed. That figure rose from 19 markets in the first half to 40 markets in the second half. AT&T did well with a large majority of markets scoring a median speed in the 10Mbps to 20Mbps range. T-Mobile actually had more markets (41) with a median speed of 20Mbps+ than Verizon, but its call reliability scores held them back. The majority of Sprint's markets were in the lowest 0-6Mbps category (72) and the carrier had no markets with a median speed of 20Mbps+.

According to the report, in the U.S. there are more mobile subscribers (335.7 million) than there are people (317.9 million). Pretty outrageous, huh? We've got a load of charts and graphs for you to look at. Check out how your carrier made out by clicking on the slideshow below!

source: RootMetrics




Posts: 1461; Member since: Mar 09, 2010

I have said it a 1000 times you may get faster speeds than Sprint with TMobile, but only in certain markets after that you are toast. When Sprint's Network is complete it will be a force to be reccond with. Sprints overall performance was 90% vs Tmobile's 85%. I'd rather have service to make calls than fast Speeds in some areas. I have seen 800 LTE from Sprint light up inside my home. Speeds have gotten better, and when they light up 20x20 LTE 2500 signal things will only get better. For those of you that have unbearable speeds, and that is what matters most enjoy your time in the Sun. I personally like service in 99% of the plces that I travel with great to OK speeds in most places that I travel. It's a trade off to Dan Hesse investinh 15 billion inot iPhone instead of network infrastructure.....that was a fail.

7. andrewchristopher

Posts: 9; Member since: Nov 17, 2012

I agreee. I have Sprint service and never have issues. I couldn't say that a year ago but I honestly have great service including data.

3. youlookfoolish

Posts: 193; Member since: Dec 14, 2012

Good grief. Yet another article where Alan gets on his knees for Legere and T-Mobile. We get it Alan, you're a happy T-Mobile customer. T-Mobile still finished dead last in network reliability. Again. Even Sprint did better. Sprint is rancid hot dumpster garbage. AT&T is better than T-Mobile period. Legere is smiling over what? Less than half the customers and yet another source saying his network sucks? What good is a corvette when it can't reach the next gas station? AT&T is fast and has broad reach. What a novel concept. Full disclosure, I work for AT&T. Fine. But we hate stupid T-Mobile fanboys who really have no reason to trumpet. Honestly, if a customer is so pressed for value Sprint is a better option.

4. corporateJP

Posts: 2458; Member since: Nov 28, 2009

Credit where credit is due, at least T-Mobile is trying. Not so much with Sprint, though. "Network Vision" is a flying pig...

5. Dubs816

Posts: 39; Member since: Jun 02, 2014

Sprint "isn't trying" yet T-Mobile finished last in overall network performance. Makes sense.

6. andrewchristopher

Posts: 9; Member since: Nov 17, 2012

Sprint isn't trying? Look at all the other reports on PCMag or CNet. Sprint has done a huge improvement to their network. This article is all about T-Mobile but go read an article that isn't bias! Sprint came in on top of T-Mobile. If you call Sprint's network sh** then what would you call T-Mobile's network?

8. TheRequiem

Posts: 245; Member since: Mar 23, 2012

Sprint isn't even half-way done, John Saw today said they will dramatically increase coverage by adding thousands of new macro towers and small cells to increase coverage and capacity. Additionally, they will be enabling 20x20 carrier aggregation on TD-LTE and 4x2 MIMO. That will theoretically bring speeds well over 100mbps.

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