Verizon to remedy the two-minute delay in switching from 3G to LTE

Verizon to remedy the two-minute delay in switching from 3G to LTE
Ever since Verizon introduced its "4G" network, users have noticed that that LG's LTE modem, which will cost you $249.99 without a contract, is having trouble handing you off from 3G coverage to LTE-blessed speeds. The wait has been an excruciating two minutes, until you stop sending data to the 3G network. In some cases users had to replug the modem for the magic to work.

Big Red acknowledged the issue, and said it is hard at work fixing the two-minute delay before you switch from 3G to LTE. The carrier is also working on bringing the modem software to the Mac sooner rather than later, which should make Apple fans sigh with relief. To his credit, Verizon's CTO Tony Melone did warn that a brief delay will be occurring when users switch from 3G to LTE coverage, so this issue is not out of the blue, and a fix is on its way.

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