Verizon to offer Madden NFL 12 for free from October 1st to the 3rd

Verizon to offer Madden NFL 12 for free from October 1st to the 3rd
Verizon last year gave its Android users the NFL Mobile app which included a free year of the Red Zone. Now, Big Red is giving away some more football software. It was just about a month ago when EA announced that Madden NFL 12 was being offered on the Android Market for $6.95. Perhaps to show its loyalty, the carrier has a present for its customers using Android phones. Starting Saturday, October 1st through October 3rd, one of the most popular sports games in the Android Market will be offered for free! From Saturday through Monday, dialing **MADDEN (**623336) from any Verizon phone powered by Android will give you Madden NFL 12 for free.

And remember, Madden Football is more than just stick figures, even on a smaller phone screen. The graphics have been optimized for Android and the animations make you feel like you are in the game, absorbing every bone-crushing tackle. And all 32 teams with real life rosters are represented in the game. Be the "General Manager" by making trades, or be the coach and put together a winning playbook (no, not the BlackBerry PlayBook). The game allows you to track stats and see how effective your players are.

During the game, you can control both sides of the ball. Total Defense Control (TDC) lets you pause the game and move your defensive players in position to make that hard hit to jar the football loose, or make a pick and stop a long drive. Action Control Time (ACT) lets you do the same thing with your offense and allows the ball handler to jive, spin, and juke. Draw up your own routes for passing, running and defense. You can even call an audible at the line.

Finally, Madden NFL 12 allows you to play exhibition games, or replay the 2010-2011 NFL season in season mode. If a 16 game schedule is too long, you can reply just the playoffs if you want. Regardless, it all becomes available to you at no cost starting Saturday, thanks to Verizon. By the way, Verizon's online ad for the game mentions VCAST which means you might need to download the VCAST app store before loading up the game. Remember, this freebie is for Verizon's Android customers only.

We just spoke with a Verizon rep who informed us that the Madden NFL 12 game is only free to those Android users paying $10 per month for VCAST services. If you were able to download the game for free without being a VCAST,subscriber, let us know!

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1. TPaul365

Posts: 1; Member since: Sep 30, 2011

This. Sounds. Awesome. AND ITS FREE!!!!!!!!

23. FredKrueger83 unregistered

FYI: Bionic and Thunderbolt NOT supported! This is a scam to get you to use VCAST as you can only get the game through VCAST, but most phones won't be able to download it. Verizon doesn't inform you of this until you have already set up a VCAST account. Complete BS!!!

2. Jerry209

Posts: 42; Member since: Sep 17, 2011

Just did it

3. aztaxia12295

Posts: 272; Member since: Nov 22, 2009

i heard this game sucked... not much from madden 11... idk its what im hearing, but since it's free it's worth a try...

4. Forsaken77

Posts: 553; Member since: Jun 09, 2011

I never played mobile Madden before. It sounds more like directing the plays than actually carrying them out.

5. StillStuckWithDroid

Posts: 65; Member since: Jul 19, 2011

unbelievable.....Verizon's current "flagship phone"....the Bionic not supported....neither is the X2 nor the Droid 3 total crap

9. ayephoner

Posts: 858; Member since: Jun 09, 2009

you have to have VCAST on your phone. the link i clicked said i could get vcast, but this just seems like a ploy for verizon to get more bloatware on my droid X. what a bunch of jerks.

6. akhi216

Posts: 61; Member since: May 01, 2011

No Droid 3? Really?

7. Ditrac unregistered

Thunderbolt.... "Not Supported"

14. wolfman unregistered

yeah if you look in the fine print it says thunderbolt 2.2 so if you didn't do the latest update maybe you can get it?? nice...

16. nb2six

Posts: 298; Member since: Apr 27, 2011

yea i just did it with my 2.3 thunderbolt and it's "not supported"...what a joke

8. Revtony316

Posts: 2; Member since: Dec 16, 2010

I guess you have to have a phone older then 12 months, haha!! Go Verizon

13. Habib

Posts: 114; Member since: Feb 26, 2011

just downloaded on LG REVOLUTION, dont think it has to be more than 12 months

22. Yeeee

Posts: 190; Member since: Aug 02, 2011

Droid incredible works. good job verizon supporting old and new in the future

10. ayephoner

Posts: 858; Member since: Jun 09, 2009

phone arena (Alan), can you update to show that you must have vcast? can you look into what one has to do to get vcast (im not interested)?

11. Revtony316

Posts: 2; Member since: Dec 16, 2010

Ahhh your right, I dont think Vcast supports WiFi.... give me some time and I will check that out. Need to get a 4g connection first.

15. Dave unregistered

Just got the droid x2 yesterday, can't download this. I have VCAST, at least I think I do.

17. cybervlad81

Posts: 89; Member since: Apr 04, 2011

At the very bottom of the link it list compatable phones... It is friggen stupid.. It list stuff like the Incredible 2 - OS 2.2..... They pushed the 2.3 update but they are not supporting it for this... WTF Verizon = FAIL.

18. som

Posts: 768; Member since: Nov 10, 2009

Samsung releases 1.5GHz Exynos dual core processor and 16MP CMOS camera for mobiles.

19. tmijares95

Posts: 1; Member since: Sep 15, 2011

Customer Service Told Me To GO Here And Click go directly to the Verizon Media Store. But It Still Wont Work On My 2.3 Thunderbolt What A Joke

20. sponce unregistered

not supported on fascinate

21. chrisingleton unregistered

Talked to Verizon. they are working on it now, for all the phones that have higher than 2.2

24. MarkW unregistered

Typical Verizon. Attempt to do something big and screw up, annoying the customers. What a bunch of idiots.

25. V3T unregistered

I have a Droid X and i dont think i paid for vcast. i didnt see anything saying i would pay. all you need to have installed is the vcast app market. should say App on your app screen if you are looking for it. doesnt say vcast.

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