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Verizon to launch the BlackBerry Storm at $99?

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Verizon to launch the BlackBerry Storm at $99?
What could be better than the potential of a brand new BlackBerry Storm launching for the low rate of $99 during the holiday season? According to Fortune's Techland blog, Verizon Wireless may be planning to do just that. According to insiders, the company may price the phone as low as free, however the reasonable assumption seems to be in between $99 and $149 with a two-year agreement. Based on the recent publicity surrounding the device, we expect it to generate a great amount of fanfare when it launches in the next few weeks.

RIM BlackBerry Bold Specifications

source: Techland via Gizmodo

Verizon to launch the BlackBerry Storm at $99?

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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:42

1. (unregistered)

i hope its only 100 bucks but i dont want to get my hopes up because the bold is $400 before rebate

posted on 06 Nov 2008, 20:30

83. (unregistered)

IF you would like to get your World taken by Storm the First day it releases then please go to this website and email me your name and number at the email on this website http://orangecounty.craigslist.org/ele/908913081.html

posted on 06 Nov 2008, 20:32

84. (unregistered)

Remember this is for NEW and Upgrade Eligible lines and welcome to port in numbers

posted on 07 Nov 2008, 03:11

86. Sinfulta (unregistered)

I wouldn't put this price totally past anyone. Vodaphone UK launched the phone for $0. That's right. $0 When you sign up on a plan in the UK £45+(That's $70.65/month in US Money) on an 18 Month contract. So given the Fact the US Version has two Extra CDMA Bands (CDMA 800/1900 W/EVDO RevA) Plus GSM 800/900/1800/1900 and UTMS 2100. I'd say that seems right for $99 for the US if Vodaphone can get it for free. Even if the full retail is $599 at Verizon's Cost from RIM. Selling for $99 will give a $500 Subsidy, $30/mo minimum data plan. RIM get's (Someone please chime in because I can't remember) $6-7/mo from the Data plan monthly, That leaves Verizon with over $500 subsidy made up in a 2yr term. And that's if everyone got the $29.99/mo data feature, let alone the corporate users which will need $44.99/mo. Great way to bring in new people and make profit mostly on the voice part of it if you ask me.

posted on 04 Nov 2008, 05:36

2. (unregistered)

Interesting that the article is about the Storm, but the link is to the Bold's specifications...

posted on 04 Nov 2008, 07:02

5. vzw fanboy (unregistered)

haha your right, thats weird

posted on 04 Nov 2008, 06:04

3. (unregistered)

verizon may have been advertising the black berry storm like no other but has given its employees hardly any info, i work for them and my source doesnt even list the phone which is incredibly sad, the price through is probably going to be around 149.99 though before rebate it would make since considering the other blackberrys on hand

posted on 04 Nov 2008, 09:56

23. (unregistered)

You can't work for them - your grammar is terrible. We hire only the best! Lastly - you're all wrong about the price!

posted on 04 Nov 2008, 11:03

29. (unregistered)

I second the grammar errors.

posted on 04 Nov 2008, 11:25

31. (unregistered)

wow that was bad.....................very bad

posted on 04 Nov 2008, 15:43

46. christmas tree (unregistered)

Get off this man's back he's expressing himself the best way he can. As long as he get's his point accross Jerks

posted on 05 Nov 2008, 09:29

59. (unregistered)

believe me their are far worse than myself that work with verizon wireless, I dont know about you but you are under a false premise that verizon only hires the best, just saying.

posted on 06 Nov 2008, 08:30

71. (unregistered)

Do you work for an indirect location? ;) Heh.

posted on 06 Nov 2008, 16:16

82. (unregistered)

I work for them.................my IQ is very high...........................72

posted on 04 Nov 2008, 06:06

4. (unregistered)

i don't really know, but i think it might be expensive just like the blackberry bold. That's just as powerful and isn't even a touchscreen. I'd be really surprised if it was $99 or $150. If that were to happen i'd ask why is the bold soo expensive?

posted on 04 Nov 2008, 07:39

8. (unregistered)

I will tell you why I think the Storm may go for only $99. VZ is going to do what ever they can to try and cause as much attention to this phone to get people excited about this and take the spot light off the I Phone. They know that no one will wait in line or pay EDP's from other carriers to get this phone. They also realized that this was the first quarter that VZ lost a substantial amount of customer base to ATT's and know that more and more will leave this quarter. Everyone knows that the I Phone is the phone that everyone wants or wishes their phone was like and the only reason why more people have not switched is ATT's 3G service. As their service gets better and the 3G expands and it is, more and more people will switch. This could be their way to keep people from doing that as well as to attract dis gruntled customers. Now here comes the issue, If the discount the phone that much it will crush their fourth quarter earnings as it did for ATT's third quarter. It cost ATT $900 million to sell 2.4 million I Phones. Of course VZ will not even come close to that many Storms but discounting this phone that much will hurt their bottom line. Now add the Storm to the merger with Alltel and the $22 billion of debt that comes along with it will sure hurt them in quarter 4. I'm sure all they will have to do is go to the nearest ATM for the bank of Vodefone for more money to bail them out. Now this is just an opinion not a dig at VZ.

posted on 04 Nov 2008, 08:19

11. (unregistered)

DUDE get laid..thanks for the finacial report....!

posted on 04 Nov 2008, 08:27

15. (unregistered)

Once again you people have no idea what your talking about. Did you know that for every customer that leaves verizon, verizon takes 8 att customers! You are being misled about ATT and their 3g network, Verizon was the first carrier to launch 3g and has the largest coverage in the us. Besides are you aware that verizon is the only cell company in the US that actually makes a profit! At&t has to borrow money just to pay its bills!!! People wake up!!!

posted on 04 Nov 2008, 08:53

17. (unregistered)

I work for Verizon and you are totally wrong about you "takes 8 att customers" claim.

posted on 04 Nov 2008, 09:15

19. SlayerOfDoucheBags (unregistered)

Dude why are you being a douche bag, the guy is just offering up some interesting information, if you don't want to here it get the heck out of here before I slay you.

posted on 04 Nov 2008, 09:16

20. SlayerOfDoucheBags (unregistered)

I spelled hear wrong haha

posted on 04 Nov 2008, 09:46

22. (unregistered)

vzw was 45% PROFIT LAST YEAR. the profit was 4.5 billion. vzw is one of the most profitable companies falling profit wise just just short of oil money. and they are on track with the same kind of numbers this year. the purchase of alltell isnt just a donation of money they also get their cust base as well as their towers improving an already tremendous network. vzw isnt hurting for cash flow. in the 3rd quarter they may have lost 500,000 cust to at&t but still for the 3rd quarter they have gained 2.1 million from quarter 2. sure vzw doesnt want to loose cust to at&t but keep in perspective.

posted on 04 Nov 2008, 11:27

32. (unregistered)

WOW why on earth did they hire you. let me guess you work for a call center. does it make you feel bettter to say you work with verizon HA

posted on 04 Nov 2008, 11:55

37. primewax (unregistered)

Hey, don't lump all of us call center employees together...lol. I work for one, and I have no idea where these numbers are coming from. Some secret insider source? Or the recesses of a lonely mind? Who knows?

posted on 04 Nov 2008, 12:26

39. (unregistered)

actually, it was a 44% profit MARGIN, so your close. VZW is in no way shape or form hurting for money. We are one of the best run companies in the world. And the reason we practically GIVE AWAY our blackberrys instead of using ATT's jacked up pricing, is that you spend more for the service, so why hit you in the front, and in the rear like ATT? VZW (and all phone companies) make mad profit margins off of data service. So if we give you the high data phone, its because we know we will make it back in a few months. That and the customer satisfaction is soooooo much higher on a BB than it is on say.. a glyde :) BBs also have the lowest churn rate in the entire industry, of any phone, on any network. They dont call them crackberrys for no reason. so we all win. customers get a great device cheaply, and are more tied to the service, which increases happyness... and VZW makes a few extra bux in the end. yaaaay free market! :)

posted on 04 Nov 2008, 15:34

45. (unregistered)

to bad Verizon is already Working on their 4g network.. verizon Will ONLY get Better and Better.. As for you.. i think your thought process will get worse and worse

posted on 04 Nov 2008, 16:08

47. (unregistered)

Actually... actually... damn you and your retarded statistics...

posted on 05 Nov 2008, 09:07

57. SlayerOfDoucheBagsSmokesPoll (unregistered)

incorrect info is incorrect info... and you do relize that you are a douche bag right?

posted on 06 Nov 2008, 08:34

72. (unregistered)

Although Verizon Wireless is a smaller company than Vodafone, it remains the most profitable wireless company in the wireless industry. The crucial difference between VZW reselling the phone at a significant loss and AT&T doing the same is that VZW is not responsible for sharing a significant amount of the Storm's data revenue with another company -- 96% of that revenue remains with VZW. As I am not employed by AT&T I can't speculate on a particular number regarding their revenue payout to Apple -- however, I know that the exorbitant portion of the revenue that Apple wanted was one of many factors influencing VZW's corporate management from signing a deal.

posted on 09 Nov 2008, 13:05

89. (unregistered)

verizon was not the first carrier to launch 3g. get your facts straight.

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