Verizon to get 5 new phones

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Verizon to get 5 new phones
We’ve already heard rumors and saw some spy photos of a few phones, but now a combined product pipeline image appears, showing 5 of the phones Verizon Wireless will probably offer in the near future.

Motorola Z6tv is a variant of the Z6 RIZR (Z6m in CDMA) which will be the new TV phone of the carrier. The Motorola Q9m is the CDMA-version of the Q9h, being successor of the first Q and respectively slim Windows Mobile 6 Standard smartphone with wonderful QWERTY keyboard. Motorola will straighten its position also with the fashionable RAZR2 V9m, which is the EV-DO variant of the RAZR2 series, replacing the first RAZRs.

Samsung i760 and UTStarcom XV6800 are WM6 Professional Smartphones with touch sensitive displays. Both have side-sliding QWERTY keyboards but the i760 also features a standard numeric one on the front panel. The XV6800 is a variant of the HTC Mogul for Sprint.

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1. JMAX unregistered

I heard the Q9M would be coming out for AT&T. The fact that it is a CDMA phone seems to confirm, atleast, that it's not a Verizon phone. Hope it is thought because I'll be the 1st one to buy it, someone let me know the deal.

2. Stink-I unregistered

Motorola Q9m is the CDMA version, which Verizon is purported to release. The Motorola Q9h is the GSM/HSPDA version that AT&T has already released this past Spring, I believe.

3. sj unregistered

I realize govt workers and others cannot have a camera phone, but some of us need a camera phone. I need a world phone for work travel, and find it painful to rent them from Verizon. I tried out our corporate ATT account and got a new treo 755 that is a world phone but the reception is awful! I want Verizon to have a world phone!!! And, ideally I want it a Windows based phone 'til RIM's OS grows up. Any info?

4. Daniel unregistered

I hate to break it to you sj, there is no such thing as a world phone for Verizon. 'World Phones' are known as GSM while Verizon and Sprint use CDMA phones. CDMA (like GSM, a coding system used by carriers) that is not used outside the U.S. The only way you could get a Verizon world phone is wish that they change to GSM or similar technology or hope that everyone changes to CDMA. Verizon currently has the better call quality compared to AT&T, so I'm not surprised by your comments about reception.

5. TPL unregistered

I hate to break it to you Daniel, but Verizon, much like Sprint, has multiple "World Phones". Two of the most notable are the Blackberry 8830 Dual-Mode (CDMA/GSM), and the Samsung IP-830W Quad-Band (CDMA/GSM- Two Bands Of Each).

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