Verizon subscribers Bing away

Verizon subscribers Bing away
Earlier this year as we reported, Verizon entered into an agreement with Microsoft for the latter's Live Search to become Big Red's default search engine on its mobile phones. But then the guys at Redmond came up with a four letter word-Bing-that replaced Live Search. The software company has positioned Bing as a direct challenger to Google on the desktop and on cellphones. In the first 20 days after Big Red's customers started using Bing, the search engine handled 19 million requests according to Microsoft. That's a lot of Binging no matter how you slice it, and the software company is gaining a firm foundation to raise advertising revenue and to continue its attack against Google.

Verizon's BlackBerry Storm users have had access to Bing from day one, simply by using the Live Search option on the browser home page. For non-Verizon 'Berry and Windows Mobile users, you can add the search engine to your handset by clicking on this link. Happy Binging, everyone.

source: WMExperts

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