Verizon store in NYC will open at midnight for DROID launch

Verizon store in NYC will open at midnight for DROID launch
We told you the other day that many Verizon stores would be opening at 7am  or 8am EST on Friday morning to handle what is expected to be huge demand for the Motorola DROID on the day of its' launch. But if you live in New York, and you have to...just HAVE TO get your hands on the device as soon as the clock strikes midnight Friday, well, there is a store for that. The 34th street Verizon Wireless store in Manhattan will be open for business at the stroke of midnight to sell the DROID to what we would expect to be a long line of early adapters. The store will be open from midnight until 2am. Any one else live by a store opening at midnight? Someone will have to be the first to buy the DROID. Maybe it will be you!

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source: AndroidCentral


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