Verizon preparing first phones for next-gen PTT

Verizon PTT information emerges?
An internal document about two of Verizon's upcoming PTT phones has leaked. While Verizon has offered PTT service for years, these devices appear to mark the move to its next generation PTT. This technology seems to be similar to the QChat technology Sprint uses on the recently launched Sanyo PRO series phones, which were announced earlier. One of the devices is the Motorola V750, a phone that we brought you the first images of a few days back, and the other is the rugged Casio G'zOne c711. Both devices feature EVDO, Bluetooth, GPS, camera and music players. Interestingly, both also feature a good amount of on-board memory with the Motorola sporting 128MB and the Casio 256MB. The document makes no mention of when these devices are expected to launch, however, rumors indicate that the next-generation PTT service is expected toward the end of May.

source: Engadget Mobile

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