First images of Motorola V750 for Verizon

First images of Motorola V750 for Verizon
The Motorola V750 for Verizon Wireless is yet another clamshell phone. It has the same keypad layout as the VU30 and as a whole will be very similar feature-wise, but with a different design language. The VU30 will be PEBL-like, with rounded edges, just as the W315. The V750 will be with sharper edges, and more ‘aggressive’ design.

For now, we don’t have any additional information.



35. Barney Frank Disasterpants unregistered

Nothing like an open forum to bring out the truly stupid. "I don't like the look." Who cares what you find aesthetically pleasing? How does that help anyone? Save that for recess. A helpful post would be more along the lines of "I HAVE this phone and I found A,B & C useful, and I found X,Y & Z lacking." Don't like the VZW network? Again, no one cares. This is a VZW phone, go blab about AT&T's network on a page related to, oh I don't know, maybe an AT&T phone. Morons like "sweetass!" should put more effort into their paper routeand let grown-ups talk on phonearena.

33. Jason unregistered

The iphone is a piece piece of %$#@ NO GPS and NO MMS. Are u joking with these bashes on Verizon phones? They run circles tech. around Apples pretty little touch phone.

34. unregistered

i dont think so iphone is better than all verizons phones

32. DeeMan unregistered

You don't really need to change the UI just because the phones' capabilities change as time goes on. Verizon has had phones change all the time and still keep the same look on the "root" UI menu just so not to confuse consumers. All they did was simply change / add some sub menus. And to #25: To the comment that " Sprint sucks ". I second that emotion.

31. Al Karrier unregistered

VZW is to ATT. As Mercedes is to Hondas. Regardless what the phone looks like, service matters most. Why pay for a service, with a sleek, flashy device, if the data speeds remind you of watching paint dry., or a lpga tournament. Gotta love those.

30. Mike unregistered

It all depends on where you live. VZW could be better in one area in the country, but AT&T could get better service a couple of towns over. They both have about the same coverage in the USA.

29. unregistered

when i had verizon i had droped calls every day now that i have at&t i never had a droped call.

28. Me unregistered

This is the new PTT evdo rev A phone for verizon

27. Euroegyptn unregistered

Didn't say i do't know how to use VZW UI ? all i'm saying why they change the original UI, thats dumb !

26. andydrew

Posts: 2; Member since: Apr 10, 2008

seriously guys, stop complaining about how the carrier makes the phone. its the manufacturer of the phone. motorola makes all around crappy phones. And both att and vzw have some ugly phones but i would have to say i like verizons phones more

25. LordObento unregistered

1) on topic of the V750. It seems like an overall improvement, hopefully. A customizable Flash UI like LG/Samsung without the Moto Java UI screwing up the phone underneath. The 2 UI thing on the RAZR/KRZR ruined those. 2) Why do people go on an on about locked Bluetooth? Most new phones VZW puts out doesn't have the locked down Bluetooth you complain about and would you rather have A) iPhone with NO Bluetooth or B) a Voyager with Active Bluetooth Profiles? By no means this is not to hate on the iphone, if you just want to make calls and us the web in all it's glory, get an iPhone. If you want to make calls, watch TV where available, Picture Message, use your stereo bluetooth for calls or music, browse the web (but not as good as the iPhone) get a Voyager. 3) Sprint sucks. Which is good for consumers because they are cheaper and have a good phone selection, but company wise... they are the village idiot of wireless. Building/Maintaining 3 networks? PCS/iDen/WiMax. All I have to say is good luck.

24. doug unregistered

at&t has better phones? at least vzw phone can make calls and not drop them! it doesnt matter how cool your stupid i phone is if you cant make a call on it! and at least the vx10000 doesnt need to run off of wifi

23. T-Money3000 unregistered

Sprint? Really? You're gonna support a crappier network that just lost tons of money and try and win ppl back with their "all-in-one" plan? Really? Sad.... Very sad. As you all know, VZW was named the Carrier of The Year by Wireless Week. Quit thinking cool phones and think long term.

22. some guy unregistered

that VZW UI is directed towards the masses, not towards us, most poeple dont want to have to re-learn a new phone so if they are all similar, then you win the game

21. tawnichelle

Posts: 2; Member since: Apr 10, 2008

There are way worse phones that VZW has and has had. Wish the new ones would come out sooner.

20. bc unregistered

As phones get more complex and have more functionality, having standardized menus can hinder functionality and ease of use. When all phones have basically the same setup and same capabilites it makes more sense, but that is less the case these days... This particular phone is a basic phone that fulfills its function. What has hurt motorola is that it has been nearly completely gutted and left for dead.. It sucks that an american manufacturer is having so much trouble staying above water in this industry. I sure wish they had braught the Ming to the US market back in 2005. I tihnk that would have made them more competative... as for verizon and att they provide a service and niether does it very well... they manage to piss people off, and get them locked into contracts... It is a terrable buisness model... it makes our customers feel trapped and resentful... but they all do it...

19. DeeMan unregistered

I see a lot of talk about how the phone "looks". I'm more concerned with how it "works". VZW may not have the prettiest phones but who cares? Why would you shell out megabucks for a "good looking" phone that's absolutely horrible in the service department. I've seen the market flooded with pretty phones and they aren't all that great because of the concept; the manufacturers load it with features but forget one major thing .... IT'S A PHONE !!! I don't even care if VZW's UI is ugly ... it's practical and simple. This makes it easier to migrate to another device without having to take a user manual along with you because the "new" phone's UI is so much different. That's why I'm glad VZW decided to standardize their menus. Like I said, I hope this is good "phone", cause Motorola has been slackin' in that department lately.

18. nick Ahn unregistered

You can stop saying that phone a is better than phone b now. Unless the page is a comparison of the two phones, you guys keep bitching off about which phone is better. Phones can be better or worse for people, depending on their need and their wants.. Pretty obvious? Phone carriers can be better or worse based upon location and financial situation. Even though I have sprint (which really does frustrate me) on rare occasions, I do get service where other carriers do not. GET IT?

17. unregistered

Its a cool design... but it look like its going to be a pain to try to text on, and that stupid UI needs to go.

16. Mike unregistered

No, Sprint does not rock, even though there are arguments between AT&T and VZW...that's because they are the two best networks.

15. rob21i unregistered

This is a push to talk phone.

14. Steve unregistered

The UI on vzw phones isn't that bad. If you can't figure out how to use it, you don't deserve the free right to purchase cell phone.

13. debilev

Posts: 7; Member since: Nov 17, 2007

I'm on the same opinion, Why ppl mess this phone with phones like Voyager and the mighty "iphone"?! It's just a regular motorola razr-like phone...nothing new here...

12. FAUguy

Posts: 79; Member since: Apr 09, 2008

Why are people bringing up the iPhone and Voyager in here? Those have absolutely NOTHING to do with the Motorola V750. Please continue your arguing somewhere else!!!

11. sweetass! unregistered

Ok WTF AT&T has sexy hot phones and they r pretty good but vzw has kinda crappy looking phones and they are pretty good so shut up! All of u r little babys!

10. unregistered

what do you idiots expect? it's a bottom rung motorola to replace the W385 it's for the same people who think the 385 is NICE thsi isn;t a high end phone, some of you are complete idiots, everyone thinks that every phone should be loaded with MP# players, HTML browsers and 5 MP cameras. news flash froto there are OTHER markets in the US besides the high end handset user.

9. Scott unregistered

The point of the phone is to make phone calls from. Just thought I would clear that up since you were having trouble.

8. George unregistered

Even though there are so many arguments over which network is better: VZW and AT&T, I think we can all agree that no othernetwork could beat either of least in the USA. As for this phone, I don't see the point of it, and since I have only seen the inside so far, it looks pretty ugly.

7. James55 unregistered

I used to have the i-phone before I sold it for the Voyager. Until you have owned both phones you have no idea what your talking about. The mbl tv on the voyager kicks so much ass. Plus I hate at&t's shitty network.

6. shadow unregistered

This is a ugly phone att has better looking phones and it does kind of look like a razor. Also to number 4 the iphone is so much better than the garbage voyager.

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