Verizon launches its fifth 5G device in its fifth 5G market

Verizon launches its fifth 5G device in its fifth 5G market
Verizon is taking another small step today towards a nationwide 5G coverage dream that continues to seem so annoyingly distant by expanding the list of cities embracing the next standard in mobile connectivity to five. As expected, St. Paul, Minnesota is joining Denver, Chicago, Minneapolis, and Providence, but fret not, as this sluggish rollout is about to substantially speed up. 

Big Red is not giving up on its rather ambitious goal of spreading the 5G love to "more than" 30 cities by the end of the year, although some of those locations remain under wraps and there are no words on future release dates. It's also important to highlight Verizon's "true" 5G Ultra Wideband network is only accessible in certain parts of the five aforementioned cities for the time being.

As far as St. Paul is concerned, the new ultra-low latency and insanely high download speeds are available in "parts" of Downtown, Lowertown, and West Seventh neighborhoods "around" landmarks including the Minnesota Children's Museum, the Minnesota Museum of American Art, the Fitzgerald Theater, Cathedral Hill Park, and the Alexander Ramsey House. That doesn't exactly sound impressive, but it's a start.

Besides, the nation's largest wireless service provider promises your 5G device will be able to seamlessly switch to 4G LTE connectivity where a 5G signal is out of reach. Speaking of devices, the Inseego 5G MiFi M1000 hotspot is exclusively available for Verizon subscribers starting today at an outright price of $650.

This is the fifth 5G-enabled gadget released by Verizon (with three phones on the list for now), targeting both businesses and everyday consumers. The ultra-advanced hotspot allows up to 15 devices to connect simultaneously, supporting "near real-time" virtual reality and augmented reality experiences, as well as 4K and 8K video streaming with "near real-time downloads and virtually no buffering delays."

If $650 feels a little rich for your blood, you can get that price point down to $499.99 with a two-year contract or pay $27.08 a month for two years. Don't forget you also need to pay a little something extra on your monthly plan to actually get 5G access.
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