Verizon has BOGO deals on the iPhone, Pixel 3 and Galaxy S10 for Mother's Day

Verizon has BOGO deals on the iPhone, Pixel 3 and Galaxy S10 for Mother's Day
A Week from this Sunday, May 12th, will be Mother's Day. And Verizon has some new BOGO deals directly related to the upcoming holiday. For example, buy a Samsung Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+ or Galaxy Note 9 using the carrier's Device Payment Plan, activate the phone on a new smartphone line, and you will get 24 monthly bill credits adding up to $750. That's enough for a free Galaxy S10e or $750 off the other Galaxy phones mentioned. You can also buy a Galaxy S10 5G and get $750 in bill credits toward a phone in the Galaxy S10 lineup or the Galaxy Note 9.

Or, you can buy a 64GB Google Pixel 3 using the Device Payment Plan, activate the Pixel 3 on a new unlimited smartphone line, and Verizon will give you a second 64GB Pixel 3 for free. You can choose instead to take $800 off the purchase of a Pixel 3 XL in the form of 24 monthly bill credits.

If iOS is your Mom's thing, buy an iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max or iPhone X on the Device Payment Plan. Add the iPhone to a new unlimited smartphone line, and the carrier will give you $750 in 24 monthly bill credits. That will be enough to grab a free 64GB iPhone XR, or it can be used toward the purchase of one of the other aforementioned iPhone models.

Sure, there are some consumers out there who clench their jaws when they read that a new smartphone line is required to score these deals. But remember, you're supposed to be buying a new phone for your mom; who else could be more worthy?

Keep in mind that while Verizon didn't mention an expiration date for these deals, they probably won't last too long after Mother's Day comes to an end.



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