Verizon has a "Square" deal for customers

Verizon has a "Square" deal for customers
If you're a small business that needs a way to get credit card approvals on the fly, Square might be exactly what you're looking for. Many of you have probably already seen Square in action, or have heard about it. In conjunction with the app, which runs on iOS and Android, you can quickly set up your account, tap in credit card numbers using your on-screen or physical QWERTY keyboard, and get an approval number. Square will take 3.5% of the transaction value plus 15 cents. If you swipe the card instead, using the Square Card Reader that plugs into your phone, Square will take 2.75% of the value of the transaction. After your customer electronically signs the receipt, the money is put into your bank account, usually within 24 hours.

Verizon is now offering the Square Card Reader for $9.97 which comes with a $10 Square account credit. Square normally hands out the reader for free, so this is the way they are doing it when you pick up the service from a retailer. There are no contracts, minimums or set-up fees involved with the service. Setting up the service is quick, painless, and you simply link your Square account with your bank account. We've seen Square all over locations where a seller is offering something that would be an impulse buy. Think about the vendors at Comic-Con. Heck, with Square, even the Sabrett hot dog guy on the streets of New York can use his Apple iPhone to ring up a couple of dogs. That is, assuming his Apple iPhone hasn't yet been stolen.

source: Square via Engadget

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