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  • Verizon goes BOGO on the Fascinate, second handset is free on contract

Verizon goes BOGO on the Fascinate, second handset is free on contract

Verizon goes BOGO on the Fascinate, second handset is free on contract
The nice folks from Verizon are surely aiming to move as much as they can of those Fascinates to clear up the inventory they ordered. In a rare for the carrier promotion, buyers of the Samsung Fascinate have the option to order another one, which, after two separate $100 mail-in rebates, comes up to free.

The phone with the 4" SuperAMOLED screen is available online to order right now, but we are fairly certain that this deal will be in stores tomorrow as well. You have to sign up a two-year contract including $29.99 data plan on each handset, and give Verizon $400 upfront, before it mails you those two $100 rebates, but in the end you will have a Samsung Fascinate that cost you just $100 each. Or, alternatively, you can just wait for Amazon to do its magic trick and slash the price in half.

Samsung Fascinate Specifications

source: Verizon

Verizon goes BOGO on the Fascinate, second handset is free on contract

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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:48

1. jogutier (Posts: 324; Member since: 12 Feb 2010)

R u kidding me. Sold sold

posted on 08 Sep 2010, 10:57

3. PapaJay224 (Posts: 866; Member since: 08 Feb 2009)

So I am wondering when the complaining Anti-Verizon folks are coming....(Whistle) sprint fanboys where are you? Is your Epic 4g BOGO? No, it is not, look again, nope still not there. I love how everyone talks about how Verizon is expensive when VZ is like one of the only providers I see selling smartphones BOGO style left and right. And dont say its because the phones suck because Droid and Droid Eris went BOGO, Storm 1 and 2 whent BOGO, even the TOUR went BOGO, and NOW a Galaxy S phone is going BOGO...If your not dancing, you should be...right over to VZW to get the BOGO (Dont forget to mail in your rebate, and if your in California your getting taxes on the phone no matter what)

posted on 08 Sep 2010, 11:49

4. ihadgaysexwitmyuncle (unregistered)

well so what if sprints phones are not on bogo i atleast have the money to buy them im not cheap like u going to a company only cuz there phones are on special , anyways at least our epic 4G has a front facing camera . does ur fascinate have that no! i know u might say something like i dnt need a front facing camera n stuff like that well wateva i bet u wish u had one .. front facing cameras took sexting to a whole new level u dont know what ur missing out on ! ur missing out on a lot and not only for sexting its also great for seeing family members and friends in another state without having to take out ur laptop xD

posted on 08 Sep 2010, 13:10

7. papa_leo (unregistered)

the only reason it is BOGO, is because this phone sucks...it has 384 MB of memory vs 512 on all other Galaxy S devices. It is locked into Bing vs. Google on all other Galaxy devices. The GPS problems are still there just as some of the other Galaxy S devices and Samsung not in a hurry fixing that if that would be for Apple, people would be jumping out the windows (btw, I am not Apple supporter or owner of iPhone). And those are just a few points why VZW offers it by BOGO. Without that offer this phone wouldn't sell nearly as well as Droid X or Incredible (that is why those phone were out-of-stock within days of begging of their sale). Mark my words...Fascinate is going to be in stock all the time and its price will be cut by at least $50 before Black Friday.

posted on 08 Sep 2010, 18:28

9. BobbyTaba (Posts: 316; Member since: 11 Aug 2010)

how do u sext?

posted on 08 Sep 2010, 19:21

11. do more research (unregistered)

first off its not locked into bing. microsoft paid vzw and samsung a lot of money to run the phone with bing. gps still works well with google maps. also as far as memory it has 2 gb onboard mem and 16 gb sd card when your talking about the ram. prices will not drop when it has the amoled screen and all the newly released android phones are the same price. the bogo is samsungs way of boosting sales since the galaxy s series are the first samsung phones period that are worth a damn. the shear fact the x and the incredible havent gone bogo is because of the back orders. the incredible being the samsung screen issue and the x being shear demand for the device

posted on 09 Sep 2010, 00:13

14. papa_leo (unregistered)

CNET just reported that GPS on Fascinate is very unreliable. One moment, it is spot on, another moment, it is pointing you five blocks away. There is also no strong commitment from Samsung to upgrade Fascinate to Froyo anytime soon (no surprises there) just promises to have it done soon(?!). I liked expression of one of the posters on PA, it read..."soon" could mean something happening in a second or just after end of the world. In conclusion, CNET acknowledges that even though Fascinate may look better than other Galaxy S devices, but due to a heavy modifications done by VZW to Android system, they are not recommending this device but is rather recommending Droid X. Laptop Magazine is also gave Fascinate 3 out 5 stars (Droid X is 4 out of 5). So even with SuperAMOLED screen Fascinate couldn't beat Droid X.

posted on 11 Sep 2010, 21:05

20. herpderp (unregistered)

i love how verizon fanboys come on here flaming sprint "fanboys" yet you are the one complaining about other carriers. Nobody said your phones are expensive just the overprices monthly plans.

posted on 08 Sep 2010, 07:54

2. cc16177 (Posts: 312; Member since: 09 May 2010)

Yesss i'm going to sell so many of these..

posted on 08 Sep 2010, 12:28

5. beowd (unregistered)

And i will be replacing most of them.

posted on 08 Sep 2010, 12:35

6. cc16177 (Posts: 312; Member since: 09 May 2010)

Glad i'm not you.

posted on 10 Sep 2010, 17:39

19. derp (unregistered)

well at least one person enjoys their pitiful existance.

posted on 08 Sep 2010, 18:21

8. opie (unregistered)

Am I the only one that sees that this isn't a bogo. Ur getting a rebate off a 300 dollar phone making it 200 so if u get 2, ur getting 200 off of 600 , still making it 400

posted on 08 Sep 2010, 18:30

10. BobbyTaba (Posts: 316; Member since: 11 Aug 2010)

no one of them costs 300 and the second costs 100. Then u get 100 off each. 300-100=200 100-100=0

posted on 08 Sep 2010, 22:50

12. avz (unregistered)

cant wait to get this phone in exactly one moth my contract ends..... :D i relay don't care if it has bing you guys worry too much about it wen there are way more important things to worry about in this life than just because an Android device doesn't have Google search and maps oh wow the whole world is going to fall apart and explode it self..... and its a good phone i got a chance to play with it at best buy and its much snappier than the Droid 2 and X ooh did i just say that.....

posted on 08 Sep 2010, 23:35

13. YOUR MOM (unregistered)


posted on 09 Sep 2010, 11:32

15. winmocansuckit (unregistered)

A little trick I learned, if you use the voice command feature on the phone it searches through google and navigates through google maps. Not sure about you all, but I find using that is faster then typing it out even with swype. It completely bypasses Bing, good job google. All you all complaining about Bing can be quiet now and just get the phone because it is amazing.

posted on 09 Sep 2010, 13:38

16. VZWs Old tricks (unregistered)

First off I am not a VZW Hater, but with Android i thought Verizon had moved away from there old trick of locking down phones and crippling features. Come on Verizon if you want to make bing the default make it the default but have the option to change it back to google. And stop trying to push your Verizon Navigation. You made a big deal about free navigation on the droid 1 and now you want to try to take it away. How can i rule the air if you keep taking away features??

posted on 09 Sep 2010, 16:07

18. Smoove (unregistered)

You can download Google Maps for free in the app store and get free Nav still. Also you can set the browser home page to google.com or just set up a bookmark shortcut on your home screen. I also heard that if you download launcher pro (also free) the google search option is in there. All simple loop holes.

posted on 09 Sep 2010, 14:05

17. John123 (unregistered)


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