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Verizon expected to get into the party with Microsoft's Project Pink phone?

Verizon expected to get into the party with Microsoft's Project Pink phone?
With Project Pink news simmering down on the heels of Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 Series announcement during MWC, it would seem like Microsoft had other intentions with its secret project aimed at capturing the youthful market. Gizmodo was supplied a boat load of information regarding the all but forgotten Project Pink as they've been able to confirm a few things surrounding it – apparently it looks like that a Pink phone is coming to Verizon in the near term. As we've explained back in September, there were leaked shots showing two potential Microsoft branded handsets – the Turtle and Pure; both seemingly didn't look like as if they were going to be high-end devices. Gizmodo's tipster got their hands on some 3rd-party marketing materials which showed step-by-step at how the party working with Microsoft plans to promote Pink. Unfortunately there were no specs or details surrounding any specific device, but one this was made clear through their findings – the early Pink phone render of the Turtle showed up in the documents. As far as Big Red is concerned, it's looking more like that they are going to be a launch partner and most likely be the exclusive one too for this device, but there's no official word when this handset is expected to launch – still the marketing materials suggests that it is for a launch; not just an announcement. So the distinct possibility of it being released shortly isn't ruled out just yet. Another thing that really makes you wonder is what's expected to be running on the Pink phone – obviously the high-end requirements of Windows Phone 7 Series wouldn't classify the Pink phone in that category. So could we see some kind of alternate platform that's aimed at social networking – which of course is riddled throughout the proposal  hinted in the documentation. Whatever it does turn out to become, it's looking like these Pink phones are really going after the youthful segment as we've heard previously. Surprisingly though the leaked rendered image of the Turtle back in September would eventually turn out to potentially become Microsoft's stepping stone as we've seen the line of Sidekick handsets being discontinued. Similar to what those handsets offered, Microsoft's Project Pink does play to the strengths that we have seen in the past that the Sidekick attempted to engulf.

source: Gizmodo

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