Verizon could still offer the iPhone as a 3G/4G device this summer

Verizon could still offer the iPhone as a 3G/4G device this summer
This is a story that is constantly changing, The last time we reported on the Verizon branded iPhone, it appeared that any such creature could be delayed into 2011 thanks to the possibility of an extension of the exclusivity pact between Apple and AT&T. Now, the latest story involves a hybrid 3G/4G iPhone for Big Red that would offer the faster speeds in the 25-30 cities that will support LTE on launch. Verizon has said that it doesn't expect full deployment of LTE until this fall with the first phone available early in 2011. While this alone would seem to quash reports of a hybrid iPhone, it should also be noted that voice over LTE has not been finalized. So if all of the evidence points away from an iPhone on Big Red's network, why is it that this rumor persists? Where there is smoke there is fire, but Verizon certainly is not hurting for top end phones right now. However, once Sprint launches the EVO 4G in June, things will change and that is when a 3G/4G hybrid iPhone would certainly help Verizon.

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