Verizon and Ericsson test 5G on the historic Indy Speedway (VIDEO)

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What can be more fitting than for Verizon and Ericsson to test its zippy 5G network right on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the location for this weekend's Indianapolis 500 race. This mobility test was able to achieve data speeds as high as 6.4Gb/sec in a car traveling faster than 60mph. The test employed Ericsson's advanced radio technology. Some of this technology is designed to send signals to a specific user, even if that user is a moving target traveling at a rapid speed. This so-called beam forming and beam tracking replaces the current scattershot approach where signals are sent out in multiple locations.

You can check out the mobile 5G test by clicking on the video at the top of this story. Among the more interesting parts of the video was the blackout test. With the driver wearing a VR headset and the windows of his car blacked out, the driver raced through the track relying on a 5G VR feed in order to safely navigate the twists and turns. The idea was to show the low latency of 5G. This means that there is no meaningful lag or delay in the transmission of data.

This Wednesday, Verizon, Ericsson and Intel will introduce a 5G connected home not far away from the racetrack. With 5G connectivity, home owners will have access to gigabit fixed wireless and high bandwidth uploads allowing for the use of cloud based security cameras and smooth VR and AR experiences. A live feed from the home will be available for viewing this Wednesday starting at 1:30pm EDT. For more information, simply click on this link.

source: Verizon

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