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Verizon Unleashed phones appear at some Best Buy stores

Posted: , by Alan F.

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Verizon Unleashed phones appear at some Best Buy stores
So far unannounced, Verizon Unleashed is expected to be Big Red's new no-contract service offering unlimited talk, text and web for $50 per month. While the handsets available for Verizon Unleashed aren't exactly your high-end dual-core Android models, a couple of them have been outed at Best Buy.

So far, the phones spotted at the big box retailer include the LG Accolade and the Pantech Caper-both priced at $79.99. For those with a smaller budget, the LG Cosmos featurephone is priced at $39.99. We still await the official introduction of the service by Verizon.

The package shows how easy activating the service is. The first step is to install the battery, then you press send, and enter your zip code and you are done. The packaging also prominently mentions that the service allows texting to Mexico and Canada, so if that is where you send most of your messages, Verizon would no doubt like to unleash this new service on you.

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The LG Accolade (L) and LG Cosmos (R) are two of the handsets available for Verizon's $50 per month unlimited no-contract service
The LG Accolade (L) and LG Cosmos (R) are two of the handsets available for Verizon's $50 per month unlimited no-contract service

The LG Accolade (L) and LG Cosmos (R) are two of the handsets available for Verizon's $50 per month unlimited no-contract service


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posted on 23 Apr 2011, 13:41

1. skymitch89 (Posts: 1363; Member since: 05 Nov 2010)

You for got to say that the person has to power on the device after installing the battery and before being able to do anything else.

posted on 23 Apr 2011, 14:49

2. forsaken77 (unregistered)

I wonder if you're able to use an old Verizon phone for this service without having to buy one of those crap phones... Like Boost Mobile... you just take any old nextel, pop in the Boost sim card and you're good to go.

posted on 23 Apr 2011, 19:12

4. Hawke9150 (unregistered)

What Boost sim card? To my knowledge Boot uses Sprint's CDMA technology.

posted on 26 Apr 2011, 07:32

14. Gawain (Posts: 426; Member since: 15 Apr 2010)

Boost resells service on Sprint's CDMA and iDEN/Nextel networks. iDEN devices use SIM cards.

posted on 23 Apr 2011, 18:57

3. Tottenham (Posts: 86; Member since: 05 Jan 2011)

What am I missing here? I don't know a lot about these no-contract plans, but it seems like a helluva lot better deal than what I get on contract with VZW (with taxes, I'm at almost $80 for 450 minutes, text, and data). Except for the sucky phones, what is the catch with this plan? Is VZW just sticking it to the average customer to subsidize the cost of the better phones? If so, once you have fulfilled your contract, it sure as heck seems like you should get a much better rate. Anyone out there knowledgeable about this matter?

posted on 24 Apr 2011, 01:49

8. jdawg1234 (unregistered)

I totally agree with you, it seems to good to be true... and it is... All pay as you go networks don't use the latest and greatest towers. For example boost uses sprints old nextel network. Verizon uses there Digital/part evdo network. If you pull up coverage maps it is much different. Also network utilization, contract customers get priority bandwidth/tower usage over pay-as-you-go. This didnt come from the ceo of verizon himself although when I used to work in retail that is what all the carriers fed me in their "cool-aid". take it with a grain of salt. Although I do remember people letting me know when I asked them how they liked pre-paid and they responded with either it sucks or "you get what you pay for, my contract phone had much better signal and call quality although was also more expensive."

posted on 24 Apr 2011, 08:25

9. Tottenham (Posts: 86; Member since: 05 Jan 2011)

Thanks for the info jdawg.

posted on 23 Apr 2011, 20:30 1

5. Quadfest (unregistered)

I was just at the local wal mart in SW VA and they had a bunch being sold next to the At&t Go phones

posted on 24 Apr 2011, 18:01

10. Karen (unregistered)

these verizon phones are only being sold in Southern California and require a Southern California Area code to work. to answer some questions from above. its not really a "catch" but you can only use these three phones with the $50 unlimited everything plan. you cannot take an old verizon phone, even if it is prepaid. it will not work with this plan, they will require you to go onto the old plan, which i believe is $60 for unlimited talk & text and pay per use web.

also, boost no longer uses sim cards for the majority of their phones. the only pre-paid phones that do are under At&t and T-Mobile.

posted on 25 Apr 2011, 14:19

13. Zorin (Posts: 152; Member since: 26 Jul 2010)

Please, if it was any phone, we would all be switching..lol. Goes without saying. Pantech Caper at least has a bigger screen than the Cosmos, but for everything unlimited, it's not bad.

Any word on whether or not the east coast will get some love?

posted on 03 May 2011, 15:01

15. mark r (unregistered)

First off let me start I had a contract with verizon for 8 years, I switched over to straight talk which uses verzions towers, I have had the straight talk phone for a year & 1/2 and the coverage is just as good as my long term contract phone without a doubt, I also used it on my vacation spanning through 7 states worked awesome""" I paid close to $100 a month before and only pay $45 flat.. I have never been happier..verizion and at&t are rip offs. i will never go with a contract again.. I have saved over $800. btw unlimited 411 txt pictures talking web no roaming..love it

posted on 03 May 2011, 19:33

16. vnerd (unregistered)

Virgin mobile still is the top no contract cell company Android phones plans starting at 25 dollars I phone has already hit virgin Canada and virgin Australia and rumored to come to virgin usa no contract

posted on 31 May 2011, 21:41

17. tony (unregistered)

do they charge you for roaming in verizon unleashed. give me an answer so email me at asoria6@gmail.com

posted on 21 Jun 2011, 09:09

18. MikeD (Posts: 1; Member since: 21 Jun 2011)

My wife uses verizon service. went to best buy to check out verizon unleashed plan.
Best buy will not activate or port numbers. Being she used verizon we walked across the street to Verizon. Bought a Lg Cosmos, they activated phone, added first months service and loaded all contact into new phone. Cosmos is good phone for voice and text web leaves a lot to be desired, but you know what?
She was paying $45 dollars a month for 450 minutes no text no web.
now it unlimited voice and text and she could check email on the web $50 dollars a month is a no brainer. It

posted on 28 Jun 2011, 12:40

19. plumber boy (unregistered)

Can you flash or unlock a Verizon phone to take over to unleashed? If the Verizon wireless and the unleashed phones both don't require a sim card, why can't you reset phone and just buy into the unleashed program

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