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Verizon Hub to get $50 haircut on Friday?

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Verizon Hub to get $50 haircut on Friday?
If you are thinking of buying the multi-functional Verizon Hub, you better wait until Friday when a the Big Red´s $50 discount kicks in, bringing down the price of the device to $149.99 on a two year contract, $219.99 with one year deal or $299.99 if you want to go contract-free. The Hub allows you to make unlimited VoIP calls for $35 a month. The Hub's connects to the broadband provider via Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable. On the 7 inch display, you can access Verizon's VCAST offerings, get movie times or connect to directory services. The model comes with a handset and you can get an additional one for $79.

When the price of a product the Hub gets slashed $50, it usually means either of these (or both) - the thing is not selling very well and the carrier wants to give its sales a kick or Verizon wants to clear their stores for an upcoming model - Hub 2 model that might be on the way.

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source: EngadgetMobile


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