Users are still mostly charging their smartphones daily (poll results)

Users are still mostly charging their smartphones daily (poll results)
As cliched as it may sound, we all hate that beep of doom announcing that the end is near and our smartphone will soon power off. And it's no wonder, for despite the mind-blowing progress we've witnessed in the phone category over the past decade or so, battery life is the one area in which what we have today is actually inferior to what we had in the past. All those apps and functionality, along with fancy hardware, do come at a price.

So we thought we'd ask just how bad it is you have it, especially right now that more and more manufacturers venture into dangerous marketing territory, claiming some pretty impressive longevity figures. Are 2-day smartphone batteries common among our readers? According to the results of our poll, not at all.

By and large, people still have to charge their devices once a day. In fact, quite a few people report that they're forced to reach for an outlet as much as twice a day. Only a relatively tiny portion of respondents claim that they don't have to bother with cables for more than two or three days at time. Here are the results:

How often do you usually have to charge your phone? (2016)

I charge it more than once a day
I charge it once a day
I charge it every other day
I charge it every three days or more

What was even more surprising was that despite essentially the same number of readers taking part in our identical poll from over 8 months ago, the stats have actually taken a hit for the worse. Our best guess is that this likely isn't representative of the industry as a whole, but a simple matter of variation in the people who took it upon themselves to participate.

How often do you usually have to charge your phone? (2015)

I charge it more than once a day
I charge it once a day
I charge it every other day
I charge it every three days or more




1. manojmcn

Posts: 633; Member since: Jul 16, 2015

The thing to understand is with bigger batteries people tend to use the phones much more without worry. Most people just want it to last well till they reach home after work. The bigger the battery their phone usage will also adjust to utilize more. Hence daily charging may be prevalent even though batteries are getting bigger. Also it's not that you have to wait till the battery gets drained fully to recharge.

2. Hoggington

Posts: 356; Member since: Feb 23, 2016

I've never understood the people who don't plug in at night, when they goto bed....then have their battery go dead midway through the next day and complain that their phone is dying. Haha ummmm. My brother is the same way. It's like he hasn't learned after many years, that plugging your phone in when you goto bed is an easy way to have 100% power when you start the day. And then magically, you get through the day with plenty to spare. Silliness.

7. wildfiregt

Posts: 179; Member since: Jun 10, 2013

It's not healthy for the battery to keep it plugged in whole night.

9. cncrim

Posts: 1588; Member since: Aug 15, 2011

We keep the phone on 2 years average and u worrying about battery health?

12. elitewolverine

Posts: 5192; Member since: Oct 28, 2013

you do know that the phone has trickle charging that doesn't hurt the battery one bit unless you have faulty internals. I have a 1520 3yrs old now...the battery is not hurt by leaving it plugged in.

13. Tuxedo

Posts: 356; Member since: Mar 19, 2013

Some people also still believe there is a need to fully deplete their batteries. Things have changed my friend and what you said is no longer true. Technology has evolved to save humanity.

14. ibend

Posts: 6747; Member since: Sep 30, 2014

why not? i've been doing that for years... and it didnt explode or burn down my bed

17. Hoggington

Posts: 356; Member since: Feb 23, 2016

That is 100% false.

3. EC112987

Posts: 1215; Member since: Nov 10, 2014

I use both my devices a ton. The iPhone gives me about half a day and the edge plus a little less.

4. Ruturaj

Posts: 1484; Member since: Oct 16, 2014

I charge it more than once since I like to keep my battery above 40% all the time.

5. TheNeighbor

Posts: 370; Member since: Nov 15, 2013

I can consume some. 4 GB of LTE in a day, and used to have to switch to fresh battery late afternoon for my Note 3. Now i have a 10000mAh extended battery, i proportionately spend 60% during 17 to 18 hours, with 6-7 SOT. New phones should at least put in 6000mAh battery if manufactures are serious. Not fast charging that degrades batteries faster.

11. TheOracle1

Posts: 2268; Member since: May 04, 2015

That's not very much for 10,000mah. There are 4-5,000mah phones that do much better. Looking at the comments from the original poll story it seems more of a reflection of the popular phones on the market. There simply aren't any monster battery flagships available in most western markets and any increase in battery by the popular brands have been cancelled by stupid QHD screens and other fluff. The high spec battery monsters are mostly Chinese brands that most readers don't, won't or can't buy for various reasons.

15. TheNeighbor

Posts: 370; Member since: Nov 15, 2013

With 4 GB of LTE usage, and as hotspot?I can attest that an S7 Edge can go 16.5 hours with 27% left, with 4:15 hours of SOT, however only uses wifi with less than 400mb. This is with browsing, YouTube and casual gaming. That's averaging 25 battery cycles that I tabulated. It has a projected 22.74 hours average use till power runs out. LTE uses more battery. Hotspot. 4, and sometimes even 8 GB. Sure, I can get 5 days out of just waiting for calls and SMS,

6. natypes

Posts: 1110; Member since: Feb 02, 2015

Considering I have 4 chargers (1 fast, 2 regular, 1 wireless) sitting on my desk at all times I keep my battery charged up around 80 or so. I have these b/c I work with phones all day, not that I need 4 for just mine.

8. Podrick

Posts: 1285; Member since: Aug 19, 2015

Waiting for some battery breakthrough that'll actually make it to the market. One week or more lasting batter on a single charge with heavy usage!

10. XperiaG

Posts: 178; Member since: Jun 06, 2016

I do charge my phone every other day...but yes that depends a lot on the usage. I have the Xperia Z3 right now and with average usage the battery last two days but I rather to charge my phone like every night so I wont ran out of battery the next day If I know I'm going to use it a lot.

16. Sidewinder

Posts: 515; Member since: Jan 15, 2015

I have finally found my phone which lasts me a whole day. The note 4 that I currently own is a battery champ. I get 20 hours of usage after unplugging with an average of 6 hours of screen time. All my previous Samsung flagships had to go on the charger right after I came home in the evening or I was forced to use a extended battery case. But with the note 4, I have a proper one day phone.

18. TechieXP1969

Posts: 14967; Member since: Sep 25, 2013

Many people have to charge their phones everyday, because they simply can't put them down. A battery can't last forever. People who charge their battery every other day, like I do, don't have their phone glued to their hands. For me I usually have my phone connected to Samsung Sync and when I need to view the phone, I do it on the PC screen. Usually I'm connected USB, so the phone is usually always at 100%. I home I rarely use the phone. I usually grab one of the available tablets, including my Surface. When I go to bed many times, my phone is at 70%. No real need to charge it. More than enough for the night thanks to Doze and enough for the end work day. People just have to be less obsessed with their phones. I just don't see why as soon as you open your eyes, you need to see more than the time or weather for the day.

19. TheOracle1

Posts: 2268; Member since: May 04, 2015

Because many people use their phones for gaming, watch tv or video, listening to music, browsing, reading books, navigation, chatting on messengers via text or video etc etc. What don't you get about that?

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