Updates fix BlackBerry 8350i and App World issues

Updates fix BlackBerry 8350i and App World issues
Recently, almost every manufacturer happens to release phones that need additional software updates right from the start. This is completely understandable, since companies are doing their best to deliver much-anticipated handsets on time, which sometimes causes rough-cut final software realization. In reality, however, software updates following problematic devices are not released as often as we would want. Having that said, RIM proves to be a company that cares about its customers. On first place, it is said that an official update has been already released for the BlackBerry 8350i, which is available with Sprint Nextel. The new software version should fix the echo issue, which has been experienced by some users. In addition, a few MMS improvements have been made, along with a tweaked master radio reset option, which will no longer reboot your device.

You can download the latest BlackBerry 8350i software update here.

The other good news for BlackBerry users comes from RIM’s newly launched storefront, App World. Shortly after the service has been initiated, some users have complained of massages saying their phones were incompatible with the store. As a result, the company has now released a new version of the software –, which is said to have gotten the job done.

source: BerryReview and Pocket-lint



1. heavybreathing

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Wait...blackberrys have issues? That's strange

2. vzw fanman

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yea it is

3. Mr Coolguy Face

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RIM fixed their blackberry issues and heavybreathing works in a call center..2 Facts.... LMAO

4. heavybreathing

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5. heavybreathing

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6. Mr Coolguy Face

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7. yu guys are loosers :) unregistered

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