Updated Verizon Pre-order and Release dates

Updated Verizon Pre-order and Release dates
Two weeks ago we informed you of the PreOrder and Launch dates of Verizon's upcoming phones:

We have recently learned that some of these dates have changed.

The newest release schedule is:

BlackBerry Pearl (8130) : 10/26 Pre-Order; 11/8 Launch.
BlackBerry Pearl (8130) in Pink : Jan. 08
BlackBerry 8830 (World Edition) in Red : Jan. 08
LG Venus in Black (VX8800) : 11/8 Pre-Order; 11/19 Launch
LG Venus (VX8800) in Pink : Pending Pre-Order Decision; 12/11 Launch
LG Voyager (VX10000) : 11/8 Pre-Order; 11/21 Launch
LG VX8350 (Red) : 11/21 Launch
LG Chocolate in Blue Ice (VX8550) : 11/21 Launch
VZW Vogue : Jan. 08

As you can see, the LG Venus (VX8800) has changed from a PreOrder date of 10/19 to 11/8, and Launch date from 11/4 to 11/19. Also, the highly talked about LG Voyager (VX10000) keeps its 11/8 PreOrder date, but the Launch date has changed from 11/18 to 11/21. This makes sense to us, since 11/18 is a Sunday, and it would be odd to release the Voyager on a Sunday instead of a week-day.

Last week we were told that the Samsung U900 (replacement of the A990) would be released 11/15, but there is no mention of it in the new info that was provided to us this week. We are unsure if this means the U900 is still scheduled for a 11/15 Launch, or if it has also been pushed-back.

*UPDATE* Prices are now known:

 LG Voyager VX10000:
 $349 - $50 Rebate = $299 with a 2 year contract.
 LG Venus VX8800:
 $249 - $50 Rebate = $199 with a 2 year contract.
 Samsung FlipShot U900:
 $299 - $50 Rebate = $249 with 2 year contract.



1. DUBB unregistered

let the competition begin. We got the htc touch coming as the vogue. the voyager . the samsung i760, htc libra. Verizon is a problem! ya dig.

2. Jim unregistered

Any updated news on the smartphone (samsung, 6800)release dates?

3. VZWguy unregistered

offical release of launch date son the samsung on other sites, I am sure phone arena will come up soon enough.

4. gowirelessgirl unregistered

Blackberry pearl in pink? yippee!!!

5. WHO? unregistered

Go wireless girl what is your name?

6. ren0 unregistered

they need to hit up Nintendo and see if they can market it as the Verizon DS or LG DS

7. dell unregistered

Have they announced the price for the vx 10000

8. sucram unregistered

it should be around $250

9. flea unregistered

hey i've seen a ton of different pictures of the voyager and i noticed some of the fonts are different in the pics. can you edit the fonts on the voyager?

10. gowirelessgirl 2 unregistered

can't wait to get these phones in to sell.. im going to be one rich phone geek!

11. unregistered

This must be one of those websites that they let Verizon employees look at while they work while blocking the others ones. It's like a Big Verizon party in here. I wanna join the propaganda too... Hey.. It's the Network...

12. gowirelessboy unregistered

hey gowireless girl u going to be at the ontario party tomorrow?? hollah at yo boy

13. gowirelessgirl 2 unregistered

Which Gowireless do u work at? im in central cali. you know! So back to this phone line up. I have been in the phone world for many moons and this phone, is the one i have been waiting for.. ill be there to welcome all those at&t customers with open arms . come to momma!

14. Van unregistered

Are the release dates (not pre-order) for when they will be released online only or will they also be available in stores on that date? Also, you mentioned that Sunday release dates made more sense... Nov.19 (for the venus) is a monday...

15. Justin unregistered

"Have they announced the price for the vx 10000" I've heard $299 after $50 rebate with 2 year contract.

16. haticK unregistered

Prices are at the end of the post

17. Rob unregistered

Wow this information comes out soooo slowly but thanks for the update. There are really only 3 sites I am checking for Voyager info: this website,http://www.verizonvoyager.org andhttp://www.verizonlgvoyager.com Keep up the great work

18. gowireless284 unregistered

Love the new voyager I am Eligible in late december so I hope the price will drop a little before christmas time??? Wishful thinking...

19. dre liz unregistered

voyager needs WIFI!!!! and if im wrong please let me know

20. hmmm unregistered

pearl wont sell out will it?

21. danny unregistered

wat is the retail price on the voyager...with out the 2yr. contract

22. Bree unregistered

Where can I pre order the voyager?! Website? At verizon wireless?? ahhhh someone help me I have to have it!!!

23. Matt unregistered

The Chocolate is coming out in Blue Ice? Does anyone have any clue what that will look like? I was thinking about picking the Blue Mint Chocolate up, but with this announced I may have to wait. I don't want to wait if it will be like the obnoxious like the old Chocolate's colors.

24. Michael unregistered

Hey thanks for the update. However, do you think that you could gt me some info on the price of the voyager without a new 2 year contract? (Without an eligible upgrade)

25. unregistered

Verizonwireless.com/pearl still offers the opportunity to sign up for notification when the pearl will be available. I guess the pre-order date above is wrong.

26. Release unregistered

I read somewhere that the release date for the pearl is going to be the 19th as well. I guess I will wait for the Voyager unfortunately.

27. gowirelessguyyyy unregistered

cant wait for the voyager. where you go wireless people from?

28. TD unregistered

Hey Liz, WIFI wouldn't work on the Voyager. It's not a pda phone so no internet explorer. Mobile Web only

29. joann unregistered

where can you place the preorder?

30. lg chocalate unregistered

were can i find a picture of lg chocolate with the blue ice color?

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