Juke, Venus, Pearl and Voyager available in less than month and a half

This article contains unofficial information.
Juke, Venus, Pearl and Voyager available in less than month and a half
Last Friday Verizon launched its new Next website. At that time we could only guess as to which phones were shown on the page, but more information has been coming out each day. It turns out our guess was right, and the 4 phones are the Samsung U470 Juke, LG VX8800 Venus, BlackBerry 8130 Pearl, and LG VX10000 Voyager. The carrier even went as far as to have a Video posted on YouTube. Verizon will be introducing these phones in a staggered-release, with pre-orders being taken. A spy provided us with a snapshot of the release dates for the four new upcoming phones, all of which feature names.

The Samsung Juke (SCH-U470) will be available for pre-order on October 9th, and will have a release date of October 19th. It is a swivel phone that incorporates 2GB of Internal Memory, 128x200 Display, VGA Camera, and Stereo Bluetooth support.

The LG Venus (VX8800) will be available for pre-order on October 19th, and will have a release date of November 4th. It is an update to the Chocolate VX8500 and VX8550. The VX8800 Venus utilizes a Dynamic-Touch LCD Control Pad below the Main QVGA Display, 2MP Camera, 8GB MicroSD Card support, and Stereo Bluetooth support.

The BlackBerry Pearl (8130) will be available for pre-order on October 26th, and will have a release date of November 8th. The Pearl will be the first SmartPhone to come equipped with VZ Navigator GPS directional service. Other features include a 2MP Camera, MicroSD card slot, 3.5mm Headset Jack, and Stereo Bluetooth support.

Lastly, the Pièce de Résistance is the LG Voyager (VX10000), with a pre-order date of November 8th, and a release date of November
18th.The VX10000 Voyager, which some refer to as the iPhone killer, is the most highly anticipated and advanced LG device to be released
by Verizon.The Voyager is a significant upgrade from the current enV VX9900.Features include a large Touch-Sensitive Dynamic QVGA External Display with VibeTouch, Internal QVGA Display, 2MP AutoFocus Camera, HTML Browser, QWERTY Keypad, Stereo Speakers, Mobile TV MediaFLO capable, 8GB MicroSD Card Support, and Stereo Bluetooth Support. And unlike the iPhone, the LG Voyager will be capable of faster 3G Download Speeds via EVDO, and will have a Standard User Replaceable Battery.

Unfortunately, device pricing was available to us at this time.
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1. unregistered

Ugh prices prices prices!

2. unregistered

Dear Phone Arena, Can you find out anything about the Samsung i760...seems like you guys have someone on the inside, and we're all dying to get a release date! Thanks!

3. Natalie unregistered

Does anyone know how much these babies will cost!?!

4. FAUguy unregistered

Pricing will not be released until right before the Pre-Order Dates listed in the news article.

5. Omie unregistered

@FAUguy Are you sure about that? ;)

6. Mike unregistered

Where is the Samsung i760?

7. FAUguy unregistered

@ 0mie, that was what someone else told me. You got my E-Mail address if you want to prove me wrong....please do!!

8. SHawn unregistered

Waiting for these guys to release a truly groundbreaking product.

9. Emma unregistered

The samsung i760 and 6800 are both ancient by now -- and they haven't even been released! Unfortunately, we're stuck since Verizon doesn't believe in bringing new tech to market -- just check out the cool phones on the htc release! Verizon won't see those babies for a couple years I bet.

10. Dave unregistered

all i see on these sights complaining that Verizon waits to long to bring new stuff to the market. its funny cuz i usually hear people complain when a phone first comes out how bad it sucks, and all the problems they have. most of the time when another cell provider beats them to the punch or if a phone seems to take forever to come out is..... testing. lots and lots of testing. yeah you may wait longer for a phone to come out, but you can be pretty sure its going to be good quality becuase they make sure they acctually work before they sell them. thats the mistake Cinuglar(AT&T) made when they first introduced the RZR. it sucked, they were junk, becuase they had to be first. I dont Verizon cares about being first, just quality. so stop complaining, and get a life instead of sitting at home searching the internet looking for something to gripe over.

11. Steveo unregistered

I heard that Verizon was going to disable built in GPS on the Pearl

12. Dapperden unregistered

its coming my boy who works for vzw told me he got a email today that it was being relased on oct 18 in the B2B CHANNEL .

13. Sharon unregistered

I can't believe how much hate has been cast down from so many people in regards to these phones. These phones are cool and they will sell. Who cares if they are not like the Iphone? I personally would like something different. yeah the Iphone is a great phone and I will admit that, and I like apple products, but enough already. It's time for other carriers to step up to the game. And Verizon has done that...where is Sprint/Nextel and T-Mobile at? At least someone stepped up to the plate to challenge Apple first...Gosh, give me a break people. Competition is healthy. By the way, not everyone wants a PDA/WM phone, so these phones are great alternatives for people like me.

14. sdgsg unregistered

It is true that Verizon does extensive testing when they release a product. VZW #1

15. Nick unregistered

From what I've read, so long as the device actually passes testing it would be the 2nd half of October 2007 for the i760 release. "rumors" of course

16. unregistered

I personally think that the Venus is going to be the phone for me as soon as it comes out. I admit that the Voyager is cool with the touch screen and everything, but the phone looks too wide. And I'm not a big fan on enVs.

17. ghostly goo unregistered

Wow..I truly cannot believe all the anger and frustration people gather over these devices. Sometimes I wonder if people do this with new car models..hmm..(NO THEY DONT)..it seems that we in this wireless driven society are ourselves to blame just like some of these carriers. People are demanding so much of these devices and they are not meant to be your life partner, they are just meant to make things easier. We are all just gettin' a lil too dependent on this stuff and look at this we are slaming on a really nice phone that I'm sure ALOT of people will like. Trust me this phone will sell like hot cakes. The Iphone is a great and so is the Voyager. Now for those who maybe were scared to get an iPhone they have choices and I'm sure Sprint and T-Mob will have their own devices soon too. We should really be glad that finally our wireless technological movement is getting a kick. The iPhone may have started it, but we'll see who finishes it. This phone is awesome and it has it's good and bad like any man made product. Jeez..people get a grip..it's really not that serious.and for the people who are tired of waiting for the 6800 and/or i760 then you are free to gripe cuz I feel your pain. But that whole UI, and crippled nonsense has to stop. Trust and believe Verizon has been raking in dough for a couple years now and guess what?? No merger of AT&Cingluar or CingulAT&T has changed the face of wireless is Verizon. Point and period. The iPhoners are just mad cuz Verizon got a phone that accents on the very things you guys don't got. But don't be worried. Jobs will create another iPhone and Verizon will upgrade their Voyager and the world will keep on movin.

18. Dan unregistered

re: to Who cares. Their phones still suck. umm well verizon has the chocolate and i would say thats a pretty ground breaking phone there werent any slider phones left now like everyone is making slider phones motorola and samsung both have made slider phones since

19. Shawn unregistered

The hatred is spurred by the monopoly these carriers have on consumer choice. They pick the phones we can have, we they are released, how we use them, what features they want us to have, etc. That being said, I hate it. The Europeans have it right I think judging by the fact that nearly 99.9% of new phones are released there first. They have a free market system where you buy the phone you want and use it with whatever carrier will support the technology. End result -- consumer is happy and no complaints.

20. Davis unregistered

Verizon is actually suiing the FCC because the FCC wants to open the 700mzh band to greater consumer choice. Basically, picking up a device and using it with alternative carriers without the carriers being able to cripple the devices beforehand. Verizon calls the idea "unconstitutional" Since when do the corporations own the airwaves? Verizon is the worst of the lot when it comes to limiting consumer choice.

21. Dave unregistered

There's a bunch of really cool new phones coming out; unfortunately, you can't have them. How does it feel to have to accept whatever phone Verizon feels like offering to you? On their timetable? With regards to testing? What testing? These phones are DESIGNED to work on these networks. The only real testing is to implant proprietary software that cripples your gear.

22. londi unregistered

Its funny how people love to judge Verizon for how late they bring out their phones, but face the facts; Verizon has the best quality and they want their customers to have the best reliability of their handsets. To be honest I would never leave Verizon because At&T dont even touch our ev-do broadband speeds and our technology makes your wireless experience even more efficient. The biggest problem people have these days in wireless is being impatient and they leave their carriers in a blink of an eye because of some hot phone that is a great advertisement, but has too much fine printing to what they can actually do and not to mention that when you get phone you only conform yourslef to what it does andf not the potential that it truly has. I can't tell you how many people i see that get an iphone or x phone and they say theyre awesome because they have the latest and greatest but they cant do all that was advertised and i can say for a fact that with every Verizon phone that ive had i can use it to its full extent because it actually works like it says it does and without the stupid glitches that all other phones. That why extensive testing is done because we value our customer's business and we have the best loyalty in the business because only 0.09 % of customer's actually leave for other carriers. so yeah keep complaining but at least in the time that it took you to get a good exchange to a good quality phone from your carrier i was already using those features before with no issue

23. unregistered

Why is everyone comparing us to the EU. Last time I checked we live in a Capitolist Economy. Were the companies have the right to do as they see fit as long as it is legal. Pretty sure you can move there if you want to have a socialist economy. The Federal Government has no right to say what a company has to do as far as sharing networks. Until the FCC starts building there own towers this is illegal. In the EU the EU builds the towers operates and updates them, Not private Companies!!! As far as old news tell me what is old about these phones. I mean come on the Iphone being new??? it runs at 56k speed on an outdated network. Please!!!!

24. unregistered

Do you like AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint Nextel, or Alltel telling you which phones you can have?? Also about the testing, there is a huge reason why Verizon serice and phones are always ranked the highest in Consumer Reports and J.D. Power and associates, simply put because they work!!! Remember the razr, funny how the Verizon version had less problems than any other carriers verison and the Pearl gee Verizons version has a 2.0 megapixel camera and video and complete MP3 support something AT&T's and T-Mobile Versions lack!!!!!

25. verizon cutie unregistered

verizon has release dates for our phones i can't wait to purchase the i phone sucks once again

26. Dave unregistered

Hi, It says "Availlible online", but I was wondering if they will have it in stores also?

27. george unregistered

i have verizon because my girlfriend convinced me to move to verizon from cingular. man, i miss my unlocked phones. verizon phones are so behind in technology... :(

28. unregistered

So has anyone else notice that most of the posts on this forum fall into two catch all categories, 1) bashing the new products, 2) bashing the bashers......I for one am looking to start a new category....I intend to bash the bashing bashers! So what's wrong with wanting to bash? Why do you feel the need to defend every little thing that Verizon does? How do you know they release their phones so much later because they are "testing" them? Do you actually do the test? Can you provide documentation of said tests? I think not so how dare you sir bash the bashers. Let him who has not bashed be the one to bash the bashing bashers.

29. unregistered

If by Verizon is behind in technology, you mean the entire US GSM network is behind in technology compared to CDMA in terms of coverage and data speeds, and the only advantage GSM carriers have is the ability to use an unlocked phone on one band of service on their piss-poor EDGE networks, then yes, Verizon IS behind in technology. Dave seems to feel that Verizon is the next Nazi regime ready to storm the castle of freedom lovers by robbing poor consumers of their ability to think, feel, and act for themselves. How does it feel? I'll tell ya how it feels, Dave. It feels like Verizon is lining us up by the boat load and forcing us in front of a firing squad- THAT'S how it feels! I mean, cell phones are such a necessity. I'd put them on the list right in between Oxygen and water. How dare Verizon force us to use the handsets they deem necessary, only releasing them after hiding behind the facade of 'extensive research?' We want freedom, dammit! We want to be able to go onto ebay and buy a phone from a Korean seller, jam in our SIM card and float up to wireless euphoria, despite the fact that our inferior GSM networks in the US cripple about 90% of the phones' features by the time all is said and done. Why look logic in the face and smile though, when you can wallow through life as ignorant jackasses instead? You VZW/Sprint bashers seem to forget that while AT&T/Cingular/The NEW AT&T/The OLD AT&T and T-Mobile struggle to compete with dial-up data speeds and poor coverage, not to mention horrific customer service, Verizon (and Sprint) are closing in on 4G, and have speeds rivaling DSL and blanketed coverage across the entire United States. There are no hard handoffs with CDMA. Roaming is available in more areas. Data speeds are 2 to 3 times faster. But with Cingular, you have the God-given right to buy a Sony Ericcson K850i for $400 or Nokia N95 for $600 and use it seamlessly, right? And of course by seamlessly, I mean the video call feature isn't supported by US GSM, along with having to drastically resize pictures when sending them as the GSM network doesn't support such large file transfer (Carrier restricted, by the way). Whereas with Verizon, you are stuck using the EnV, or the Chocolate, or the U740, or the Treo, or Q, or one of the other shi**y, outdated phones VZW has to sell. How dare they, right?

30. Godwin unregistered


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