Updated: Photos and interactive user guide of the LG Vu for AT&T

Updated: Photos and interactive user guide of the LG Vu for AT&T
PhoneArena today received press photos and detailed specifications of the upcoming LG Vu for AT&T. There will be two models made avaliable, the CU915 (without Mobile TV antenna) and the CU920 (withMobile TV antenna), yet we are unsure if there is going to be a pricedifference between them. Both devices will feature a 3" WQVGA262K color touchscreen, 2MP camera with autofocus, HTML web browserwith 3G data speeds, 120MB internal memory, USB mass storage mode, andup to 4GB microSD card support. Dimension are 4.25"H x 2.16"W x 0.51"D andwith a weight of 3.16oz. The included 1000mAh battery is rated to giveup to 3 hours of talk time.

Interactive user guide.

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source: LG



1. DeeBee unregistered

Damn, it's so slick... the perfect fit for me :D, too bad Canadians will have it first

2. George unregistered

This verison looks way better than Verizon's VX9700...except the VX9700 will have a bigger and better camera.

3. PFunk unregistered

Only 3 hours of talk time? This puppy is going to have MAJOR battery life problems considering the power needs for MediaFLO and (presumably) bluetooth stereo. Any extended battery options..?

4. RC unregistered

Aren't Canadians and Ameicans gonna get this phone at the same time in May? Plus, I'll take AT&T's coverage and 3G coverage over Rogers' anyday... :-p

5. shelley bevacqua unregistered

Does anyone have an official or unofficial release date yet? I am too excited to get my hands on oneof these phones!!!

6. Shelley Bevacqua unregistered

I'm from the Phily area-USA. I preoredered Toshiba Portege g810 which has more features like Windows Mobile 6/GPS/HDSPU but I don't want to wait unit May/June 08 to get the Toshibe so I turned my attention to the LG VU.

7. K unregistered

I know Vu is supposed to be a fun phone, but does anyone know if it sync to Outlook calendar, Tasks, and possibly email?

17. unregistered

not that I have been able to find..

8. Dland unregistered

What video formats are supported? Streaming/flash web video?

9. Satine unregistered

I wonder how it can have only 3hours talk time with a 1000mAh when a Sony Ericsson with a 900mAh battery gives 9 hours talktime...

15. RIO unregistered

Becouse its LG and that one was SONY ....:-)

10. Cerdo unregistered

Probably because sony ericsson doesn't use big ass screen like LG :)

11. abcyesn unregistered

There's a websitehttp://www.lg-vu.com made just for this cool phone.

16. kuhns

Posts: 1; Member since: Jun 19, 2008

I tried to go to this site but I cannot what is up does it not work

12. Happy! unregistered

This Phone will be out May 4 in America... not Canada. HA! And yes review are already dissing the poor battery life.

13. unknownk unregistered

so is this phone out yet? and why doesnt it open into a keyboard?? i want to get it but i need to make sure i have a case so it wont get messed up

14. unregistered

hey im turning 14 on june 16 and i HAVE to get this phone if my mom gets it i want nothing for christmas...lol

19. unregistered

your freakin 14, you dont need a phone. its not like your going anywhere without your mom anyways. it is an awesome phone, take it from someone who actually needs a phone. i just wish it wasnt so limited on the ringtone stuff. you cant use custom tones for text messages, and ringtones have to be 20 seconds long.

18. unregistered

we have to same b day !

20. angilique new vu user unregistered

does anyone know how to use your own ringtones on your old memory card to work on the new phone it saved under amr and i need it to go under mp3 help me out new user

21. kixey unregistered

does anyone know how ad a pic so whenever one of your contacts call their picture pops up. i can't seem to do it

22. unregistered

To add pic's, the numbers have to be stored to phone. Find the pic, then add it to the assigned contact.

23. mauro unregistered

is good

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