AT&T prepares for LG Vu launch?

AT&T prepares for LG Vu launch?
A few days ago, the LG Vu was scooped on the official AT&T site, mentioned in the list for TTY-compatible phones. Although this is nothing concrete, it meant the carrier is preparing the cool phone .

Obviously, AT&T stores are also getting ready for the launch, as the actual promo materials are now available in many locations. There are posters about both the TV-capable CU920 variant and the antenna-less CU915, for those who may wait to get home for watching American Idol.

Not enough great news? Well, until now, nobody knew what software the device would run on, but what we see here is a modified version of the UI used in PRADA and Viewty, just as the GLIMMER for Alltel. As we’ve said in our reviews, it is a nice one, definitely looking more modern than what Verizon has with the Voyager, and probably the Glyde. This would definitely be one of the key features of the otherwise cool-wannabe device.

Cross your fingers and hope that LG Vu won’t have the sad destiny of the K850, with posters going in the trash and the phone canceled.

LG Vu Specifications

source: EngadgetMobile



1. George unregistered

That is such an awsome phone! The UIs on every other network are always better than Verizon's. This is just one of the reasons I wish I was on AT&T.

2. Sam unregistered

I got to play with one when the LG rep was visiting the local corporate store. The AT&T Mobile TV is really fantastic with great live TV selections and great picture. No MobiTV crap.

3. abcyesn unregistered

Fans website is out there

4. Decisionmaker unregistered

I just visited both Verizon and AT&T ...My Contract is up. First I went to verizon and asked about the Glyde.which they had very little info. I went to AT&T and looked at the Vu and played with it for about an hour. The Camera function i couldn't tell much from , since the security ban was keeping me from taking pictures. However, They had the 1 Demo and 1 for sale in stock. It is very very light compared to the voyager. Priced similar to the voyager. Yes it has the atenna, but no i didn't need it. The ease of use of this was fantastic. Major difference is the keypad. Vu doesn't have the keypad...but Video is very very sharp for television. As a phone I think I like the Vu as much as the Voyager. People are really waiting for the Iphone 2. with 3G. But I see the LG Vu as being a viable alternative. I would like to see Verizon's Dare up against the Vu. Unfortunatly Verizon has delayed release. My contract is up so who should i go with..Im waiting on the Glyde to see.

5. unregistered

do alltel have the LG vu

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