Updated: Nokia enters the notebook business with the Booklet 3G

Updated: Nokia enters the notebook business with the Booklet 3G

The rumor that Nokia is about to take on the notebook market has been floating about for quite some time and now the manufacturer has revealed their first project. Actually, the first device they are planning to release is a 10.1-inch display netbook, called the Booklet 3G that, similarly to most other devices in the same class, will come equipped with an Intel Atom CPU. Judging by the commercial, the netbook will be running the latest Microsoft OS version, Windows 7, but we still don´t know if versions powered by previous Windows editions, say XP are to roll out. The device itself looks quite appealing with a slim, aluminum body in several different colors. It will feature an HDMI port and even more, its glass-covered display is advertised as HD-Ready, although we still don´t have a clue about its native resolution or whether or not HD video playback will be supported. The Booklet 3G will come packed with all standard features like video call camera, SD card reader, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. And not last, the manufacturer claims its battery will be powerful enough to keep it alive for no less but the impressive 12 hrs on a single charge.

Given Nokia´s extensive experience in the mobile communications sector, it´s no wonder the Booklet 3G will feature 3G/HSPA support to allow you to remain connected to the Internet even when you´re on the road. The device will support hot swapping of SIM cards and it´s a good thing you will also have a built-in A-GPS and Ovi Maps in case you need navigation functionality. Finally, the Booklet 3G will come preloaded with various Ovi apps, covering services like email, contacts, calendar, file sharing etc. functions.

As a whole, the Nokia Booklet 3G looks like a high-end netbook, similar to the Sony Vaio P, so we suppose it will hit the shelves with a decent price tag. More details about its other features, retail price and release date are still unavailable, but the manufacturer has promised to reveal them on 2 September at Nokia World. We will be covering the event live, so stay tuned for our first impressions! Fingers crossed Nokia proves to be equally good at netbooks.


Updated: We were able to spend very short time with the new Nokia Booklet 3G and can share the following information with you: it plays 720p content without a hitch. According to some Nokia folks, even 1080p video playback is possible but with some visualization issues. The native screen resolution is also 720p. 

We got conflicting information (which we'll confirm tomorrow) about the processor - it is either Z330 or Z530 (both 1.6 GHz, but the first is dual-core). Expect our full coverage from Nokia World tomorrow.

source: Nokia, Nokia Conversations



5. realism121

Posts: 67; Member since: Aug 16, 2008

i totally see the points that have been made and all but...still...i just dont get why someone would get a netbook instead of just bringing their laptop with them.

6. Vlondril

Posts: 91; Member since: Aug 22, 2009

Well to be totally honest....there are to occasional people who have a tight budget or are not into laptops for serious PC usage. In my experience a netbook is for a casual user or even a child under the age of 12 so they can have their cheaper (although I am of your opinion...just fork over the doe for a laptop) personal COMPUTER...lol. The last is only for those kids that are not given everything under the sun though...

3. MrMojo

Posts: 20; Member since: Jul 10, 2009

Not everyone have a data plan with their phone. Besides, it's easier to view and type online with a larger monitor and keyboard on a netbook than on a phone. Also, not everyone wants a powerful laptop but a decent version for the basics like online viewing, email and occasional movie viewing, which is what a netbook is meant for. Too bad most are underpowered but the concept is sound!

1. realism121

Posts: 67; Member since: Aug 16, 2008

i really dont get the whole netbook thing. i have a phone that gets me on the internet whenever i'm not at home or don't have my laptop with me...so why the need for a 3rd device? i'm confused.

2. bana17a

Posts: 19; Member since: Aug 20, 2008

LOL!! me too. I guess the snobby Americans which we all are just have to constantly shoot for the new things which some of them are unnessary. I've seen some sitting at the bar with his netbook out, he didn't even look the business kinda person but more like a dousch!!

4. artz1986

Posts: 453; Member since: Mar 11, 2009

I have an online blog where I write my opinions on certain fashion trends or new cars or certain products, so I need to get picture references while typing in my blog, while listening to music [because music rocks] while watching fashion shows via youtube or dvd's. Plus I have to be at 5 different locations every day....and I travel by bus/subway/cab. That is the type of person who could use a netbook, hopefully unlocked, but a netbook none the less. Something small and easy to carry is great, but no cell phone can run so many things w/o exploding [ala iPhone]. This is why netbooks are a great idea...

7. MTLance unregistered

lol I don't actually get Nokia at all, I mean I have a BenQ Joybook S32W and I think my iPhone can replace that because of sucky battery life, and it is a bit bulky compared to iPhone. Anyway the problem with editing Word and Excel docs requires an app for it either QuickOffice or Docs2Go. I have Docs2Go and it certainly can replace my laptop but not my desktop, I don't really like laptop anyway afterall my iPhone pretty much can do anything that a laptop can, games(Uh, I'm not saying PC games here because those laptops are weak), music, web broswing, Google Maps, Stock Exchange, and etc. I always amazed with Nokia advertisements but sorry Nokia you fail me on your phones and your netbook.

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