Update to fix vibration notification bug in Pokemon Go's Nearby feature is on the way

Update to fix vibration notification bug in Pokemon Go's Nearby feature is on the way
An update is on the way to Pokemon Go to fix an annoying notifications bug found in the game's Nearby feature. Pokemon trainers are supposed to feel a vibration on their phone to notify them whenever one of the pocket monsters is nearby. But with the bug, incorrect vibrations are being sent out making trainers believe that they are in the presence of a Pokemon, when in reality there is no Pokemon nearby. As Pokemon Go developer Niantic said the other day, "We are aware of and actively working on a fix for a bug that causes incorrect vibration notifications related to the Nearby Pokémon feature."

After being removed from the game, Niantic now says that Nearby can now be found "in most regions of the world." In a separate issue apart from the buggy vibrations feature, not everyone is happy that the latest version of Nearby will find Pokemon only near PokeStops. Niantic has arranged things so that those that live far from a PokeStop can use the Sightings feature to see which Pokemon are close by.

The next big update is supposed to take place on December 12th. 100 new Pokemon are being added to the game along with some of the legendary persuasion. Players will be allowed to trade Pokemon and the eagerly awaited Player vs. Player battles will commence. In addition, over 10,500 Sprint, Boost Mobile, and Sprint at RadioShack locations will become PokeStops on December 12th.

source: Yahoo via RedmondPie

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