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OnePlus 8 Pro users report issues with Verizon's network

OnePlus 8 Pro users report issues with Verizon's network
Recently, OnePlus pushed an update to fix OnePlus 8 and Pro issues with touch sensitivity and screen green-tinting.

Now, after numerous reports on the OnePlus forums from OnePlus 8 Pro users having issues with Verizon's network, OnePlus has released a statement saying the smartphone is currently not compatible with Verizon, unless it's the Verizon-branded version. In addition, OnePlus states that it may fix the issue for other versions of the 8 and 8 Pro sometime before June.

On the OnePlus forums, many users have reported that the unlocked OnePlus 8 Pro doesn't appear to be fully compatible with Verizon's network, with calls or text messages not working for many, while mobile data and text messaging (SMS) working for some.

Initially, OnePlus responded to the complaints by making changes to the OnePlus 8 Pro page, removing mentions of Verizon compatibility. After an inquiry by Android Police, OnePlus has confirmed that it still needs to submit additional information to Verizon for the issues to be fixed.

Verizon support agents are reportedly saying that OnePlus needs to send over a list of identification numbers (IMEIs) of unlocked OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro models to Verizon, suggesting that this isn't a software issue, and could be resolved without requiring software updates.

A statement by OnePlus on the matter says that the "OnePlus 8 series open market phones in North America will not be compatible with Verizon until June at the latest. The OnePlus 8 purchased through Verizon will be certified immediately."

The 5G-enabled OnePlus 8 Pro is the company's newest flagship, launched on April 21st, a week after its announcement. It boasts a 6.8-inch display, 8 GB of RAM and the high-end Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 at a price of $899.
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